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Color Alignment Instructions - Ecoline, Evolution, Club, Proline Series Color Alignment Instructions - Ecoline, Evolution, Club, Proline SeriesHOT

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Color Alignment Instructions Anleitung zur FarbeinstellungEcoline SeriesEvolution SeriesClub SeriesProline Series (2012+) Read the whole instructions prior to starting with any work on the unit! Lesen Sie die gesamte Anleitung bevor Sie mit Arbeiten am Gerät beginnen! 02/2015 Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO ACHTUNG: Das in diesem Dokument beschriebene Vor gehen kann, je nach Rechtslage des Landes in dem die Arbeiten ausgeführt werden sollen, zusätzlich Qualikationen oder Befähigun gen erfordern. Stellen Sie unbedingt immer sicher, dass Sie die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen des Landes, in dem Sie handeln, einhalten. Weder die Laserworld (Switzerland) AG noch eine ihrer Tochtergesellschaften haften für Schäden an Personen oder Sachen, die durch das Befolgen von Schritten dieser Anleitung, oder dem Versuch dazu, entstehen. Jene Person, welche die Anweisungen dieser Anleitung umsetzt, muss über ausreichende Qualikation verfügen. Minderjährige dürfen die in diesem Doku ment beschriebenen Schritte nicht durchfüh ren! WARNING: The procedures described in this document may require additional qualication, depen ding on the national and state laws of the country in which the procedures described shall be carried out. It is forbidden to carry out the procedures de scribed in this manual in the United States of America. Always ensure to stick with the law that ap plies in the country where the procedures shall be carried out! Laserworld (Switzerland) AG or any of their subsidiaries is not responsible nor liable for any damage to people or things that may arise from acting according to the following instructions or trying to follow these instruc tions. The person carrying out the instructions gi ven in the following must be properly quali ed. Minors must not carry out the procedures de scribed in this document! Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO You need these tools: Pliers (one or the other type) Screw Driver DMX controller or ILDA Software with interface Possibly: Set of Allen Keys Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO Preliminary warning notices Do not use reective tools: If tools have a reective surface, it helps to cover them with black duct tape. Never look directly into the laser source and avoid to look into any reection of the laser beam. Danger of damage to the eyes or even blindness in extreme cases! Do not wear reective jewellery and do not wear watches when fol lowing these instructions. They might cause unwanted laser reec tions and thus can cause injury. ATTENTION: Laser Emission above the unit if operated without cover! Do not bend over the unit during maintenance work! Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO WARNING: This instruction requires working on a powered show laser light device. Laser emission is neces sary for carrying out the instructions below. Be aware that this is dangerous. Open the device Unplug mains. Make sure that the show laser light system is not connected to mains at all (no cable plugged in). Use the screwdriver to remove the top cover of the device as well as the front panel. Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO Identify misalignment problem Depending on the unit, dierent types of misalignment can occur. Either can the colors be out of alignment (convergence is bad) or the red color emerges with two instead of one beams - resulting in a „doubling“ of the projected image or at least in a visibly broader red beam (which is not indicated by a low-budget red source). This last case can only happen if the show laser light systems is equipped with two red laser sources that are combined by polarization cube. Both types can show up at the same time. In this case just follow both instructions below, but do the polarization cube alignment rst. Power up the unit and project either a circle or a test pattern - depending on the control options you have (DMX or ILDA). Identify the problem. Choose the projec tion distance as far as possible, but only that far that you can still see the changes you do during the alignment process. Bad convergence Pole cube out of alignment Color Alignment Instructions EL, ES, CS, PRO Polarization Cube Red Red For ne adjusting the pole cube, use the pliers to slightly bend the mount of the pole cube. Make sure to only grab the mount, not the pole cube - otherwise it will get scratched or, worst case, break o or apart. Up/down movement: This will move the picture left/right Left/right movement: This will move the picture up/down Get the two projections into alignment so they become one. Pole cube alignment Make the laser emit red color only. If it‘s not possible to switch o the other colors, cover the very beam outlet with a non-reective, non-electroconductive, non am mable sheet. Be careful: Use of electrocunductive material as covers can cause damage to laser sources...

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