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Laserworld Manual Ecoline Series EL-250RBV 2012 Laserworld Manual Ecoline Series EL-250RBV 2012

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Manual / Bedienungsanleitung EL-250RBV Please read this manual carefully prior to product operation! Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vor Inbetriebnahme des Produkts! rev. 04/2012 vs English Deutsch Manual: EL-250RBV page 2 / 18 Rechtlicher Hinweis: Die Firma Laserworld AG behält sich das Recht vor, Änderungen an ihren Produkten vorzunehmen, die der technischen Weiter - entwicklung dienen. Diese Änderungen wer - den nicht notwendigerweise in jedem Einzel - fall dokumentiert. Diese Betriebsanleitung und die darin ent - haltenen Informationen wurden mit der ge - botenen Sorgfalt zusammengestellt. Die Fir - ma Laserworld AG übernimmt jedoch keine Gewähr für Druckfehler, andere Fehler oder daraus entstehende Schäden. Die in dieser Bedienungsanleitung genann - ten Marken und Produktnamen sind Waren - zeichen oder eingetragene Warenzeichen der jeweiligen Titelhalter. Legal notice: Laserworld AG reserves the right to make modications to its products, attending to further technical developments. These modi - cations do not necessarily have to be recor - ded in each case. This manual and its information have been made with due care. Laserworld AG cannot, however, take any responsibility for errata, bugs, or the resulting damages. The brands and product names mentioned in this manual are trade marks or registered trade marks of their respective owners. Manual: EL-250RBV page 3 / 18 Content: Scope of delivery & details Preliminary warning notices Steps for setup, safety instructions Safety instructions for work on the device Service notes Warnings and other notices on the device Device connections Operation Final statement Technical data sheet Laser specications Manual: EL-250RBV page 4 / 18 1. Scope of delivery & details Please check if all listed parts are included and undamaged. Included in delivery: 1 x laser projector 1 x power cable 1 x manual 3. Initial operations, safety instructions 1. Make sure to use correct voltage ; see in - formation on device & in this manual. 2. Make sure that the device is not connec - ted to mains during installation. 3. Installation has to be done by technical experienced and qualied persons ac - cording to safety regulations of the res - pective country. 4. Always ensure that maximum permissib - le exposure (MPE) is not exceeded in are - as accessible to the public. 5. In some countries an additional ins - pection by technical control institutes could be necessary. 6. Connect an easily accessible inter - lock connector or circuit breaker to the projector. 7. The power supply should be easily acces - sible. 8. When installing the laser mount it with a minimum distance of 15 cm from walls and objects. 9. For safe setup e.g. on walls or ceilings please use a safety cord. The safety cord should be able to withstand tenfold the weight of the device. Please follow the accident prevention regulations of pro - fessional associations and/or comparable regulations for accident prevention. 10. If the device has been exposed to great temperature changes , do not switch it on immediately. Condensation water may damage device. 2. Preliminary warning notices 1. Please use this device only according to these operating instructions . 2. Do not use the device if there are any visible damages on housing, connector panels, power supplies or power cords. 3. Never look directly into the light source of a laser projector. Danger of blindness! 4. Do not operate the device at high humidity, in the rain or in dusty environments. 5. Protect device against dripping or splashing water. Do not place any liquid lled containers at the device. Warranty claim expires with removal of warranty label. Manual: EL-250RBV page 5 / 18 11. Never use dimmer, RC or other electroni - cally switched sockets. Whenever possib - le, do not use the laser projector together with large appliances (especially fog ma - chines) on the same mains! 12. Ensure sucient ventilation and do not place the device on any warm or heat ra - diating surface. Especially the ventilati - on openings must not be covered ! 13. Ensure that device does not get over - heated. Make sure that the device is not exposed to spotlights (especially moving heads). Heat of spotlights could overheat laser in a little while and leads to a degra - dation of performance. 4. Working on the device 1. Be sure that the mains plug is not connected to the power sup - ply while installing or opening the device (e.g. for cleaning). 2. Take o all reecting things like rings, watches etc. before starting to work with or at the projector. 3. Only use non-reecting tools to work on device. 4. Wear protective clothing (like goggles, gloves etc.) accor - ding to laser power and wavelength of the laser. 5. Service notes Moisture and heat can reduce lifetime of the laser system dramatically and expires any warranty claim. Quick on/o switchin...

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