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Laserworld Manual Laser Module RED-1300-635 2009 Laserworld Manual Laser Module RED-1300-635 2009

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RED - 13 0 0/6 35 USER MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before you initially start - up! USER MANUAL: Laserworld RED - 1 3 00/635 Date: 01/2008 Page 2 of 2 DANGER LASER RADIATION! Avoid direct eye exposure! Laser radiation can cause eye damage and/or skin damage All protective measures for a safe o peration of this laser must be applied. 1. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation, do not switch it on immediately. The arising condensation water might damage your de vice. Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature. - The laser must only be used for shows. The operation is only allowed if it is controlled by a skilled and well - trained operator. - Never leave this device running unattended a nd keep it away from children and unauthorized persons. - Keep away from heaters and other heating sources. In order to safeguard sufficient ventilation, leave 50 cm of free space around the device. - Never direct the laser beam to people or animals. - CAUTION LASER DIODE: Never unscrew the housing! There are no serviceable parts inside the device. Maintenance and service operations shall only be carried out by authorized dealers. - Always disconnect from the mains when the device is not in use or befor e cleaning it. - HEALT H HAZARD! Never look directly into the light source, as sensitive persons may suffer an epileptic shock! USER MANUAL: Laserworld RED - 1 3 00/635 Date: 01/2008 Page 3 of 3 Technical specifications: �砀 Red: guaranteed: 1100mW; typical: 1 3 00mW /635nm �砀 Operating mode: CW �砀 power stability (rms,over 4 hours): 5% �砀 Warm - Up time: 5min �砀 M2 - factor: 20 �砀 Beam divergence, full angle: 3,0 mrad �砀 Beam diameter at the aperture: ~5x8mm �砀 Beam height from base: 24,8mm �砀 Polarization ratio: �50:1 �砀 Point stability after warm - up (mrad): 0,05 �砀 Operating temperature: 10 - 35C �砀 Expected lifetime: 10000 Stu nden RED - 1 3 0 0/6 35 Low cost 635 nm red laser with external PSU - used in collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific exp erimentation, optics instrument, laser display, and lighting etc. Red diode pumped solid state lasers: USER MANUAL: Laserworld RED - 1 3 00/635 Date: 01/2008 Page 4 of 4 EU - Declaration of Conformity We hereby confirm that the following device Laserworld RED - 1 3 0 0/635 complies with the essential safety requirements, laid down in the regulations of the committee to assimilate the provisions of la w of all participating EU states on the elec tromagnetic compatibility (98/33 6/EWG). The device has been classified considering the following EU - norms on electromagnetic compatibility: DIN EN 55103 - 1: 1996 DIN EN 55103 - 2: 1996 DIN EN 61000 - 3 - 2:2000 + A2: 2 005 DIN EN 61000 - 3 - 3:1995 + A1: 2001 Assessment of compliance of the product with the requirements relating to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) was based on the following standards: DIN EN 60065 : 2002 This declaration is executed on behalf of the RED - 1 3 0 0/6 35 importer: Laserworld (Switzerland) AG Oberstrasse 1 8274 Tgerwilen SWITZERLAND Authorized person: Supervisory board Ms Rhea Gssel place of busines s: 8274 Tgerwilen / SWITZERLAND company number: CH - 440.3.020.548 - 6 Commercial Registry Kanton Thurgau This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. representative according to EMV G: Cleantech Europe GmbH Managing Director : Thomas Schulze Frkhofstr. 5 81927 Mnchen / DE ...

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