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7 Micro units 7 .2 Micro R-512 Lite The unit is provided with a battery option, see chapter " 7.1.9 Battery option ", page 33 . 7.2 .1 Scope of delivery 1 x Mi cro R-512 Lite device 1 x User manual 1 x External power supply unit Adapters for several electrical outlets 1 x Hook-and-loop belt 7 .2.2 Connectors and ports 12 Fig. 12: Micro R-512 Lite, side view No. Port Description 1 DMX OUT XLR female 5 pin 2 DC power input RJ45 port: +12 V DC (Connector EMS120050-P19-SZ) 34 W-DMX G4 User Man ual, edition 1 2012-02 4 BlackBox and WhiteBox F-1 4 .7 Operation as a receiver �9 Th e unit is in Receive Mode (RX), working as a receiver. 4 .7.1 Linking with transmitters Hint During the link procedure the DMX transmission is interrupted. 1. Po wer on the receiver. 2. Ensure that the receiver is not co nnected to any other transmitter, i.e., the LINK LED on the receiver is off. LINK (off) 3. Press the function button of the transmitter for 1 second. � T he transmitter scans for all unlinked receivers for a period of about 10 seconds. The LINK LED flashes rapidly. LINK (rapid flashing) � If the connection is successful, the LINK LED on the receiver goes on. If DMX input is available, the DATA LED goes on as well. DATA (on) � If the connection fails, check the posit ion of the receiver, see chapter " 4.6.1 Prerequisites for successful linking ", page 18 . � The signal bar on the receiver indi cates the received signal strength. 4 .7.2 Unlinking from transmitters 1. Pr ess the function button on the re ceiver until the LINK LED goes out. LINK (off) � T he receiver is unlinked. 4 .8 Switching CTRL modes The CTRL mode determines which frequency band is used and if Legacy G2 and G3 units can be used in the wireless environment. Wireless DMX G4 units in Transmit Mode (TX) can switch the CTRL mode of the entire system: G3 2.4 GHz mode (Legacy G2 and G3 units) G4 2.4 GHz mode G4 5.8 GHz mode 2012-02 W-DMX G4 User Manual, edition 1 21 2 The W-DMX technology 2 The W-DMX technology W-DMX technology is the core of all our products. W-DMX is specifically engineered by Wireless Solution Sweden AB to provide the same quality, reliability and performance as in any hardwired DMX data link. W-DMX gives you even greater freedom to create reliable point-to-point, point- to-multipoint and even multipoint-to-multipoi nt installations over large distances and in any environment. Fig. 1: Point-to-point operation versus multipoint-to-mult ipoint operation W-DMX is unique in its use of advanced radio technologies that are also used in mobile phones and military communication. Rather than using fixed frequency channel s, W-DMX uses Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology to continually che ck the radio channels for interferences and to rapidly move operation to clear radio channels. The checks are carried out in combination with another advanced technology: time division multiple access. This te chnology makes the most efficient use of every visited frequency channel. W-DMX hast the follo wing advantages: Consistent and wide-ranging cont rol of lighting systems over long distances. 8 W-DMX G4 User Man ual, edition 1 2012-02 6 BlackBox and WhiteBox F-2 2012-02 W-DMX G4 User Manual, edition 1 27 No. Port Description 8 DC power input Input fo r Phoenix Gold Connector: Left: Ground Right: +12 V DC 9 DMX OUT / bypass XLR female 5 pin out put (BlackBox MK II only) for Univ 2 10 DMX IN XLR male 5 pin input (B lackBox MK II onl y) for Univ 2 6 .2.2 WhiteBox Fig. 8: Connectors and ports of the WhiteBox On the WhiteBox models there are no XLR connectors to ensure safe transmission of signals for outdoor use. For this reason the connection to DMX signal cables differs slightly to t he BlackBox models, which are for indoor use only. No. Port Description 1 Cord Strip For AC power input (2) 2 AC power input 90 250 V AC Left : Outer conductor (L) Middle: Ground (GND) Right: Neutral conductor (N) 3 Cord Strip For DC power input (4) 4 DC power input Phoenix Gold Connector 12 V DC Left: Ground Right: +12 V DC 5 Cord Strip For signal cable (DMX or Ethernet) W-DMX G4 BlackBox and WhiteBox F-1 BlackBox and WhiteBox R-512 BlackBox and WhiteBox F-2 Micro F-1 Lite Micro R-512 Lite ProBox F-2500 User Manual 9 Technical data MicroBox F-1 Lite MicroBox R-512 Lite DMX capabilities Adaptive Frequency Hopping Yes W-DMX G3 compatibility Yes License free Yes W-DMX Datasafe Redundancy Yes Radio performance External antenna No Standard range Up to 200 m (standard antenna) Expandable range Unlimited (optional antennas) Latency 5 ms Sensitivity (0.1% PER) 97 dBm Modulation method GPSK Max. power 2.4 GHz EIRP (2) 450 mW Max. number of universes ...

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