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Phoenix Showcontroller Manual Phoenix4 Live iOS Control Phoenix Showcontroller Manual Phoenix4 Live iOS Control

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Phoenix4 Live iOS Control Manual Copyright by PHOENIX Showcontroller GmbH & Co.,KG. * Germany. The entire manual is protected by copyri ght and may, not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission. There is no guarantee th at all functions are included. The liability for damage caused by the us e of the software is excluded. iPhone iPad Phoenix4Live iOS Control 2 Installation Open your browser and go to the Phoenix Showcontroller website: http://www.phoenix- At "Support� Updates / Downloads" you will find the section Different Downloads, a little further down at the page. There, click on the link to the template and control files for controlling basic functions of Phoenix4 Live with an iPhone or iPad. Please download the ZIP archive and extract it. The files are needed in further steps. Then go to the website of the "Touch OSC" iOS App developer ) to download additional files which will be needed. A little further down the site you get the file "TouchOSC Bridge". Download the latest version for Windows operating system and run the setup. This is required in order to establish the connection of Phoenix4 Live later with the iOS app. Phoenix4Live iOS Control 3 Install the "TouchOSC Bridge" by clicking on "Next�" at the usual Windows installation dialogs. Then download the "TouchOSC" app from the Apple App Store. The current price is $4.99 (on 02/2012) Now open iTunes and connect your iOS device. Click on your device and open the "Apps" tab. Scroll little bit further down, until you see the app "TouchOSC". Then click on the Add button at Documents of TouchOSC". After that, select the "*. TouchOSC" "Template & Control File" which you downloaded and extracted from our website. Phoenix4Live iOS Control 4 Then open Phoenix4 Live and open the settings for "MIDI / DMX" (Settings� MIDI / DMX) at the top menu. Select the "Use Midi-in" checkbox and select the "TouchOSC Bridge" for the "MIDI Device. Activate also the "MIDI-Out Device" right next to it and select "TouchOSC Bridge" from the drop-down box once again. Furthermore, change the value for "Laser On / Off" to "120" and for "Fog" to "115". Then close the window with the "OK" button. We now switch to the iOS app at the device. To open it click on the "TouchOSC" icon. The setting interface is opened. In the "layout" area, the control layout must be selected, which we have just transferred to the iOS device with the help of iTunes. Click on the visible "Simple" layout and select the layout for your iOS device a bit further down (here: iPhone = "phoenix4iphonehorizontal_EN_v1") . Then click on the "TouchOSC" button above at the top right, to get back to the original screen. The last setting, is to connect the "TouchOSC" app with the MIDI Bridge at Phoenix4 Live. Start the TouchOSC Bridge software at your PC. Then Click on the "MIDI Bridge: Disabled" menu item at your iOS device and activate the "Enabled" function at next screen. If you are now using the same network settings as the control computer and the "TouchOSC Bridge is started, then the "Host" should be automatically detected and selected. At last click on the button "TouchOSC" right above, in order to reach the initial screen. Phoenix4Live iOS Control 5 If you now press the "Done" button, you should be a ble to control the basic functions of Phoenix4 Live with the iOS iPhone Control". Attention: Always stay near the control computer or the emerge ncy shutdown of your laser system, so that you can react within fractions of a second in the case of an error. We assume no liability for damages that may result from the use of the sof tware and the App. Be aware of your responsibility and be able to take over control at any time. Usage (e.g. iPhone) Run the animation Control of stroboscop, animation speed, color Control DMX1, DMX2, DMX3 Choose the laser Laser On/Off Deactivate Animation Change banks Master- Speed / Brightness Phoenix4Live iOS Control 6 FAQ When I clicked on an animation, how can I disable i t again? Unfortunately, the function to disable the animatio n by double clicking on it, is not provided by the App developer of TouchOSC. Maybe this could be changed by him sometime in an update. The animation can currently be disabled by selectin g another animation or by clicking on the "Deactivate animation" button or by turning the las er "off". Why do I get no permanent feedback about the state of the animations, the DMX buttons and the laser selection matrix? The response of these elements is not currently pro vided by Phoenix4 Live. If possible, however, it is planned to integrate this soon. How to change the banks? To change the banks, the slider on the right side h as to be used (iPhone). Why did you put only a few...

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