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Laserworld Manual Laserworld Showrouter 2013 Laserworld Manual Laserworld Showrouter 2013

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Manual Laserworld Showrouter Please read this manual carefully prior to product operation! rev. 06/2013 ns Manual: Laserworld Showcontroller Legal notice: Laserworld AG reserves the right to make modications to its products, attending to further technical developments. These modications do not necessarily have to be recorded in each case. This manual and its information have been made with due care. Laserworld AG cannot, howe ver, take any responsibility for errata, bugs, or the resulting damages. The brands and product names mentioned in this manual are trade marks or registered trade marks of their respective owners. Content: Scope of delivery & details Preliminary warning notices Device connections Operation Initial operation, safety instructions Final statement Technical data sheet Manual: Laserworld Showcontroller 1. Scope of delivery & details Please check if all listed parts are included and undamaged. Included in delivery: 1 x Showrouter 19“ 1 x power cable 2. Preliminary warning notices Please use this device only according to these operating instructions Do not use the device if there are any on housing, connector panels, power supplies or power cords. Do not operate the device at a high humidity, in rain or in dusty environments. Protect device against dripping or splashing water. Do not place any liquid lled containers at the device. Warranty claim expires with removal of warranty label. Display buttons for switch Status 2 x ILDA 2 x ILDA through 4 x ILDA output from Router DMX IN DMX OUT Mains IN 3. Device connections Manual: Laserworld Showcontroller 4. Operation Stand alone operation (without DMX connection) Select the respective output channel that shall be adapted by using the red button. The actu ally selected output channel is shown in the upper right corner of the display. The settings for the very output channel can then easily be selected with the yellow buttons. For single color projectors please select „white“ in menu point 8. DMX operation To control the Showrouter through an external DMX512 signal, switch the unit to „DMX exter nal“ in the menu by using the setting buttons. A new menu point shows up providing options for DMX address setup. Please set the address according to your needs (see below) Value �;�ༀ�̀�<�̀�쀀�L�S Offset X Offset Y Channel 11 �;�ༀ�̀�<�̀�쀀�L�S Offset X Offset Y Value �;�ༀ�̀�<�̀�쀀�L�S Offset X Offset Y �;�ༀ�̀�<�̀�쀀�L�S Offset X Offset Y Manual: Laserworld Showcontroller Reset to factory default For reset, set the Showrouter to „DMX external“. Use the „minus“ (down) button to switch to „internal“ and keep the button pressed and press the red selection button. Now all settings for internal control are reset to factory default. Initialization, saving All settings are automatically saved after 40seconds of inactivity. This is shown by the yellow LED that is integrated in the menu button switching o. The system reinitializes and automa tically returns to teh main menu. 5. Initial operation, safety instructions Make sure to use correct voltage ; see in formation on device & in this manual. The device should be rmly mounted to a 19“ rack. Table top operation is not re commended. If the device has been exposed to great temperature changes , do not switch it on immediately. Condensation water may damage device. Never use dimmer, RC or other electroni cally switched sockets. Whenever possi ble, do not use the device together with large appliances (especially fog machi Ensure sucient ventilation place the device on any warm or heat ra diating surface. Ensure that device does not get overheated. Make sure that the device is not exposed to spotlights (espe cially moving heads). Manual: Laserworld Showcontroller Final statement Product and package leaving warehouse without faults. Users have to follow the local safety regulations and warnings of this manual. Damages through inappropriate use do not unterlie the sphere of inuence of manufacturer or dealer. Therefore no liability or warranty will be taken over. We cannot inform you in case of changes of this manual. If you have any questions, please contact your dealer. For service please contact your dealer or Laserworld. Please use only spare parts of Laserworld. Subject to change without notice. Because of the vast amount of data we cannot guarantee any correctness of given information. Laserworld (Switzerland) AG Kreuzlingerstrasse 5 8574 Lengwil-Oberhofen Authorized person: Supervisory board Mr Martin Werner place of business: 8574 Lengwil-Oberhofen / SWITZERLAND company number: CH-440.3.020.548-6 Commercial Registry Kanton Thurgau

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