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Laserworld Manual Revolution Series RS-1700RGB 2011 Laserworld Manual Revolution Series RS-1700RGB 2011

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RS 1 7 00 RGB Manual Read carefully before using this device! Bedienungsanleitung Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung, bevor Sie das Gerไt in Betrieb nehmen! Manual / Bedienungsanleitung: RS 1700 RGB Page / Seite 2 von / of 16 Revision Jun - 13 Important �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ”€�ไ €�ๅ€€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅจ€�ไ€�ๅ”€�ๅ”€�ไ€�ๅ„€�ๅœ€�ๅฐ€�แˆ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ฬ€�ๅ„€�ๅ €�ๅ€€�ไ”€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ไ”€�ไ €�ไผ€�ฬ€ - removal voids warranty Wh en a cold laser is brought into warm/damp environment, �ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ๅ €�ๅ”€�ๅ„€�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅ€€�ๅ€€�ไ €�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ๅœ€�ไ €�ไผ€�ๅฐ€ . Condensation water could damage the laser. Use a power socket with earth/ground. �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ €�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ๅ€€�ๅ€€�ไ €�ๅ”€�เผ€�ฬ€�ใ”€�โ˜€�เผ€ or other electronically switched �ๅ˜€�ๅˆ€�ไ˜€�ไธ€�ไ €�ๅœ€�ๅ˜€�แ„€�ฬ€�ใจ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ๅ„€�ไ €�ๅค€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅŒ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ˜€�ๅ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ”€�ไผ€�ไ €�เผ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ € se the laser together with large appliances, especially fog machines, on the same mains! To ensure maximum lifetime of the laser: �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ไ€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�แด€ �็ € Always ensure good ventilation �็ € �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ไฌ€�ไ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅ˜€�ๅœ€�ไ€�ไจ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไฐ€�ไจ€�ไฌ€�ๅœ€�ๅ˜€�ฬ€�เฌ€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�ๅŒ€�ไ €�ไ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ไผ€�ๅฐ€�ฬ€�ๅ€€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไฐ€�ๅ„€�ไจ€�ฬ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ไ€�ไœ€�ๅ˜€�เฐ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ๅ”€�ไ €�ไ˜€�ๅœ€�ไ €�ไœ€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅจ€�ไ€�ๅ”€�ไœ€�ๅ˜€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€ e laser �็ € Regularly clean the fans and the interior from dust �็ € In a new installation check the temperature after 30 minutes of operation Keep the laser dry �็ € �ใ€€�ไ€�ไธ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅ˜€�ๅ €�ๅ”€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไค€�ๅˆ€�ไจ€�แˆ€�ไฌ€�ไ€�ๅด€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ไค€�ไผ€�ๅ €�ไฐ€�ไœ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ไ˜€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�ไœ€�ไ €�ๅ„€�ๅ˜€�ไ€�ๅœ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅ„€�ๅ˜€�ไฐ€�ไœ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€ �็ € Fog has to be in front of the laser �๋„€ not inside �็ € A few days after (each new) installation, open the cover to check if fluids condensate inside �็ € If fluids condensate inside, reposition the laser or fogger/hazer Turn the device off, when not used. The diode is on, when the device is on. Even if it i s not lit. Connect an emergency switch to the Remote lock connector on the backside (see picture). Connect the switch to pins 1 and 2. If no emergency switch is used, insert the 9 pin dongle instead. (Picture below) Wichtig Beim Entfernen des Garantielabe ls erlischt sofort jeder Anspruch auf Gewไhrleistung Wenn das Gerไt grossen Temperaturschwankungen ausgesetzt war, nicht sofort anschalten . Gefahr der Kondenswasserbildung. Benutzen Sie immer eine Steckdose mit Schutz - /Erdleiter. Benutzen Sie niemals Dimme r - , Funk - oder andere elektronisch gesteuerten Steckdosen! Falls m๖glich ...

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