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Laserworld Manual Revolution Series RS-800G, RS-800RGY, RS-1000RGBV 2011 Laserworld Manual Revolution Series RS-800G, RS-800RGY, RS-1000RGBV 2011

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RS 800 G, RS 800 RGY, RS 1000 RGBV Manual Read carefully before using this device! Bedienungsanleitung Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung, bevor Sie das Gerไt in Betrieb nehmen! Manual / Bedienungsanleitung: RS 800 G, RS 800 RGY, RS 1000 RGBV Page / Seite 2 vo n / of 16 Revision / Stand: Apr - 10 Important �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ”€�ไ €�ๅ€€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅจ€�ไ€�ๅ”€�ๅ”€�ไ€�ๅ„€�ๅœ€�ๅฐ€�แˆ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ฬ€�ๅ„€�ๅ €�ๅ€€�ไ”€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ไ”€�ไ €�ไผ€�ฬ€ - re moval voids warranty When a cold laser is brought into warm/damp environment, �ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ๅ €�ๅ”€�ๅ„€�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅ€€�ๅ€€�ไ €�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ๅœ€�ไ €�ไผ€�ๅฐ€ . Condensation water could damage the laser. Use a power socket with earth/ground. �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ €�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ๅ€€�ๅ€€�ไ €�ๅ”€�เผ€�ฬ€�ใ”€�โ˜€�เผ€ or other electronically switched sockets. Whe �ๅ„€�ไ €�ๅค€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅŒ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ˜€�ๅ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ”€�ไผ€�ไ €�เผ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ €�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ๅˆ€�ไจ€�ไ €�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅจ€�ไฐ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ”€�ไจ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไ€�ๅŒ€�ๅŒ€�ไผ€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ๅ„€�ไ˜€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�เผ€�ฬ€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�ๅŒ€�ไ €�ไ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ไผ€�ๅฐ€�ฬ€�ไค€�ๅˆ€�ไจ€�ฬ€ machines, on the same mains! To ensure maximum lifetime of the laser: �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ไ€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�แด€ �็ € Always ensure good ventilation �็ € �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ไฌ€�ไ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅ˜€�ๅœ€�ไ€�ไจ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไฐ€�ไจ€�ไฌ€�ๅœ€�ๅ˜€�ฬ€�เฌ€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�ๅŒ€�ไ €�ไ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ไผ€�ๅฐ€�ฬ€�ๅ€€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไฐ€�ๅ„€�ไจ€�ฬ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ไ€ ds) directed towards the laser �็ € Regularly clean the fans and the interior from dust �็ € In a new installation check the temperature after 30 minutes of operation Keep the laser dry �็ € �ใ€€�ไ€�ไธ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅ˜€�ๅ €�ๅ”€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไค€�ๅˆ€�ไจ€�แˆ€�ไฌ€�ไ€�ๅด€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ไค€�ไผ€�ๅ €�ไฐ€�ไœ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ไ €�ๅ˜€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ไ˜€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�ไœ€�ไ €�ๅ„€�ๅ˜€�ไ€�ๅœ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไฐ€�ๅ„€�ๅ˜€�ไฐ€�ไœ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€ �็ € Fog has to be in f ront of the laser �๋„€ not inside �็ € A few days after (each new) installation, open the cover to check if fluids condensate inside �็ € If fluids condensate inside, reposition the laser or fogger/hazer Turn the device off, when not used. The diode is on, when the dev ice is on. Even if it is not lit. Connect an emergency switch to the Remote lock connector on the backside (see picture). Connect the switch to pins 1 and 2. If no emergency switch is used, insert the 9 pin dongle instead. (Picture below) Wichtig Beim Ent fernen des Garantielabels erlischt sofort jeder Anspruch auf Gewไhrleistun...

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