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Laserworld Manual Moving Head PL-1200G MH, PL-2000G MH, PL-1500RGB MH, PL-2800RGB MH 2011 Laserworld Manual Moving Head PL-1200G MH, PL-2000G MH, PL-1500RGB MH, PL-2800RGB MH 2011

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P L - 1200G MH, P L - 2000G MH PL - 1500RGB MH, PL - 2800RGB MH Manual Bedienungsanleitung Please read this manual carefully before use ! Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung, bevor Sie das Gerไt in Betrieb nehmen! (Seite 12) M ANUAL: Laserworld Purelight Moving Head Rev : June 13 Page /Seite 2 of 14 Checking Parts Please chec k if the following parts are included: 1 x Laser projector 1 x Power cable 1 x User manual Safety instructions If the device has been exposed to great temperature changes, do not switch it on immediately. Condensation water may damage your device. Leave t he device switched off until it has reached room temperature. The laser must only be used for shows. Any operation has to be attended and supervised by a skilled and well - trained operator. Never leave this device running unattended and keep it away from children and unauthorized persons. Keep away from heaters and other heat sources. In order to safeguard sufficient ventilation, leave 50 cm of free space around the device. Never direct the laser beam to people or animals. CAUTION LASER DIODE: If you open the device for cleaning, always disconnect from mains! HEALTH HAZARD! Never look directly into the light source, as sensitive persons may suffer an epileptic shock! These lasers are considered a definite eye hazard, particularly at the higher power levels, which WILL cause eye damage. So these laser series models supplied with a key switch to prevent unauthorized use, warning labels and aperture labels affixed to the laser. Installation safety Prior to installation and operation of the laser, the paths of t he beams and effects should be considered, particularly with respect to how they will reach the audience. If direct audience scanning is desired, then the laser energy in the effects needs to be considered to decide if the effects are safe for direct viewi ng. Always ensure, that the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) is not exceeded in the area accesible to the public. So install the laser in such a way, that minimum distances and heights ensure the MPE is never exceeded in the public area. When setting up the laser, make sure the laser is affixed firmly, to avoid vibrations. Warning labels on the device Laser radiation Read manual before use Avoid exposure Operation by qualified To the beam personal only Laser class 4 Never direct laser Beam at people Caution of radiation Never look directly If cover is removed into beam Indoor use only At front opening: Avoid exposure �๋„€ laser radiation is emmited. OPERATING THE LASER �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ”€�ไ €�ๅ€€�ๅˆ€�ๅค€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅจ€�ไ€�ๅ”€�ๅ”€�ไ€�ๅ„€�ๅœ€�ๅฐ€�แˆ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ไฐ€�ไ€�ไผ€�ฬ€�ๅ„€�ๅ €�ๅ€€�ไ”€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ไ”€�ไ €�ไผ€�ฬ€ - removal voids warranty The operato r has to make sure that laser radiation �๋„€ for laser class 4 also reflected laser radiation �๋„€ higher than the maximum permissible level is avoided by technical or organisational measures. (Especially with respect to the MPE, see above.) Make sure to use the correct voltage. Use a power socket with earth/ground. �โœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ €�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไœ€�ไฐ€�ๅ€€�ๅ€€�ไ €�ๅ”€�เผ€�ฬ€ RC, or other electronically switched �ๅ˜€�ๅˆ€�ไ˜€�ไธ€�ไ €�ๅœ€�ๅ˜€�แ„€�ฬ€�ใจ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ๅ„€�ไ €�ๅค€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅŒ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ˜€�ๅ˜€�ไฐ€�ไ”€�ไผ€�ไ €�เผ€�ฬ€�ไœ€�ๅˆ€�ๅ„€�๋˜€�ๅœ€�ฬ€�ๅ €�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ฬ€�ไผ€�ไ€�ๅ˜€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅœ€�ๅˆ€�ไจ€�ไ €�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ไ €�ๅ”€�ฬ€�ๅจ€�ไฐ€�ๅœ€�ไฌ€�ฬ€ large appliances, especially fog machines, on the same mains! If the device is used in a flying installation, the mounting brackets and an appropriate safety - rope must be afixed. In some countries, the operator must notify the accidence insurance and the authority for industrial safety, before operating a laser. For more information, con tact the relevant authorities. Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are strictly forbidden due to safety reas...

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