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Tarm Beamtable FAQ

There is no output on my TARM Beamtable. What shall I do?

 The TARM beamtable is a combination of optical efefcts and scanners. That's why it is necessary to have an additional DMX512 control signal besides the ILDA signal to be able to switch the optical effects. The DMX signal is necessary even if you only want to use the scanners.

To use the scanners:

Channel 25 on value 255

To use the optical effects:

Channel 25 on value 0
Channel 10 on value 0 - 255 (brightness of red color)
Channel 11 on value 0 - 255 (brightness of green color)
Channel 12 on value 0 - 255 (brightness of blue color)
+ selection of the effect:

Channels 27 - 32 are the optical effects. Select one of these channels and set the value to 255. Some efefcts support values between 0 and 255 to modify the effect. 

If you still get no output, please check if the interlock connector is attached properly!

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