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FAQ section especially for frequently asked questions about the RTI NEO Series and how to operate these show laser lights.
For more details about each show laser display of the NEO Series, please check out the RTI NEO Series in the Laserworld Shop or have a look at the manuals of the RTI NEO Series.

Dieser FAQ-Bereich ist speziell für häufig auftretenden Fragen über die RTI NEO Serie gedacht.
Für Details und Spezifikationen zu den einzelnen Laserprojektoren der Ecoline Serie, werfen Sie bitte einen Blick auf die RTI NEO Serie im Laserworld Shop oder schauen Sie sich die Bedienungsanleitungen der RTI NEO Serie an.

How many colors can be displayed by the RTI NEO SIX RGB?

The RTI NEO SIX RGB whitelight beam array comes with three color sources (red, green, blue) and offers analog modulation. Due to color mixing of the singe laser sources, more than 16 million hues can be displayed - including white. Each color source offers 255 hues. But be aware, this is just a theoretical information as the human eye cannot perceive that many colors.Every hue can be selected...

Why are there two Interlock connections on the back?

There is an Interlock interface RJ45 on the rear side of the device. The second connector is for connecting the signal through several RTI NEO SIX laser lights. So there is no need for connecting a safety button to every device.

What is the Interlock Pinout of the RTI NEO?

There is an Interlock interface RJ45 on the rear side of the device. Connect the interlock adapter to the interlock connector. The laser device only runs when the interlock adapter is inserted.If pin 7 and 8 are linked, the laser output is active. If there is no connection between pin 7 and 8, the output is interrupted.

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