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The high power laser systems PL-20.000RGB CT, PL-20.000G CT and PL-42.000RGB CT are extremely strong diode systems.

As diode lasers have certain specifications only, it is necessary to combine a multitude of singe diodes to one diode module (see FAQ about diode modules). The more laser diodes are  combined, the larger becomes the beam diametre at aperture. Depending on the type of optical combination of the single diodes, there may be some difference in size and shape.

In order to be able to handle the larger beam of the red and blue module (which is necessary to get enough power), a specially sized mirror is needed for the galvos. Due to the inertia, the galvos need to be extra strong to giver proper scan results.

Although the initial beam size at aperture is quite large at these units, the beam divergence and shape is very good for that power range! Please see Divergence FAQ for details about the relation between the beam size at aperture and the beam divergence!

Nevertheless, the PL-20.000RGB CT, PL-20.000G CT and PL-42.000RGB CT are outstanding units providing very strong power at great balance.

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