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Purelight Series FAQ

Why do the PL-20.000RGB CT, PL-20.000G CT and the PL-42.000RGB CT only have 50kpps scanspeed with CT-6215HP scanners?

 The high power laser systems PL-20.000RGB CT, PL-20.000G CT and PL-42.000RGB CT are extremely strong diode systems.As diode lasers have certain specifications only, it is necessary to combine a multitude of singe diodes to one diode module (see FAQ about diode modules). The more laser diodes are  combined, the larger becomes the beam diametre at aperture. Depending on the type of optical...

How can I switch the different modes of the Advanced Scan Fail Safety at the Purelight compact units

 The Advanced Scan Fail Safety of the Xscan scanners can be switched to three different modes: The Fail Safety mode permanently checks if the scanner output matches the input signal. If there is any deviation, it switches of the laser output.The Beam Block Safety mode completely blocks every focussed beam (threshold can be adjusted) and also has the Fail Safety functions enabled.As third option...

Why is there no key switch at the Purelight compact units?

 The requirement for the possibility of preventing unauthorized operation of the laser system is defined in the international laser safety regulation IEC 60825-1. It says that measures must be taken to safely lock the laser system, so a use by third party is not possible.As the Purelight compact units don't have any own built-in intelligence, but work over ILDA control, they cannot be...

Why is there no interlock connector at the Purelight compact units?

 There is an interlock connector, however it is integrated in the ILDA signal line. On ILDA pin 4 and 17 the interlock signal is transmitted. By interrupting the interlock line, the laser is shut off immediately. This can either be achieved by simply unplugging the ILDA interface or by using the Interlock adapter to get the option of connecting an external shut-off button (like the SAFETY Unit)

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