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FAQ section especially for frequently asked questions about the Laserworld Proline Series and how to operate these show laser lights.
For more details about each show laser display of the Proline Series, please check out the Laserworld Proline Series in the Laserworld Shop or have a look at the manuals of the Proline Series.

Dieser FAQ-Bereich ist speziell für häufig auftretenden Fragen über die Laserworld Proline Serie gedacht.
Für Details und Spezifikationen zu den einzelnen Laserprojektoren der Proline Serie, werfen Sie bitte einen Blick auf die Laserworld Proline Serie im Laserworld Shop oder schauen Sie sich die Bedienungsanleitungen der Proline Serie an.

Use effects gratings with SD-Card ILDA files with Proline Series lasers

Some of the Laserworld Proline Series lasers have a built-in SD-card playback system. The ILDA files can be given certain attributions in the .prg file, that acts like a library for the playback system. Example: File1.ild,12,3,0 Means: filename, scanspeed, repetition rate, grating effect The grating effect specified with the last parameter (1,2,3,...) is applied to the ILDA frame.

Can you link several lasers with DMX cables to forward the ILDA signal of the first unit?

Unfortunately not: DMX and ILDA are very different types of transmission protocols. DMX is very limited in its capabilities, so it's not suitable for any complex signal transmissions.If you work in ILDA mode, you can only use the ILDA signal. DMX is deactivated at the laser devices as soon as an ILDA signal is available.

Offer DMX capable show laser systems a Master/Slave mode?

Many of our showlaser systems are equipped with quite versatile preset boards, that provide a basic functionality for operation in Music, Auto and DMX mode.To have the option of Master/Slave operation it is essential, that the units connected can act as transmitter and receiver of DMX512 control signals: The Master unit acts like a DMX controller and sends the control signal to the Slave...

Do you also offer a white light star effect?

YES, the Laserworld GS-400RGB WHITE STAR is a white light star effect laser, and can even do more different color shades. For professional applications, the tarm DOT is the right choice for doing white light or multi color star effects projections without the use of scanning systems - and thus flicker-free.

What means "grating effect" and what is it for?

A grating effect is an optical deflection grid, that multiplies the input rays. E.g. if you shoot a single laser beam to the grating, you get kind of a star effect (burst grating) or a "dotted line" (line grating) on the other side. Every color spectrum is deflected in a different way, so if you have a multi color input, you get the colors split up as well. That's why it is physically not...

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