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Troubleshooting Guide: MicroNet Slim for Phoenix

If you're experiencing installation problems with the MicroNet Slim interface on your computer, these troubleshooting tips should help you:

Latest Phoenix Showcontroller Software Version installed?

Only the very latest Phoenix Showcontroller Software version supports the MicroNet Slim interface. So please visit our download space and get the very latest software version and install it (according to the installation instructions). It should come with additional drivers already, which are installed to the system during the setup process automatically.
Download Phoenix Showcontroller

LAN/Network cable or USB cable connection?

Although the MicroNet Slim has a USB port, this port is ONLY for maintenance work, e.g. firmware updates or board flashing - and it can be used to power the board, instead of using an external power supply. But: It is NOT possible to get any output through the USB connection. The MicroNET Slim MUST be connected through LAN / Network cable only!

I can not ping the MicroNet Slim - it doesn't work!

It is possible that you cannot ping the board through the DOS prompt, although it is properly connected. This does NOT mean that it does not work - please open your Phoenix Showcontroller software (or the Phoenix Hardware check) and see if the software recognizes the interface.

Check the Dongle License version

Does your Phoenix license dongle understand the MicroNet Slim? If your License dongle is older than 2013, you most probably need to request un Update. Mail
To apply the dongle update: You receive an update file from Laserworld. Close all Phoenix software products, unplug every other dongle you may have in use at this computer and make sure that only the dongle which you plan to update is inserted. Then execute the file. It should give a message of successful update when the update is finished.

Set a static IP

The DHCP and AUTO IP feature of the MicroNet Slim does not work in every IT environment (e.g. if there is no DHCP server). So we generally recommend to operate the MicroNet Slim with a static IP. It is important that if you set a static IP at the MicroNet Slim,
  • this must be a unique IP address in the network you're using
  • the computer must also be set to a static IP address - in the same address space than the MicroNet Slim
  • this must be in the same name space than the computer
What does "same address space" mean? If the MicroNet Slim has IP Address, the IP address of the computer must also be in the range between and - but it must NOT be! Of course the subnet must also be the same.

Remember: If you change settings to the MicroNet Slim, unplug and replug the power supply afterwards to make them take effect.

Deactivate IPv6

The MicroNet Slim uses the standard TCP/IP protocol. However, in some rare cases and at some very specially comfigured computers it may happen, that a conflict between the two IP versions IPv4 and IPv6 occurs. To make sure that this does not negatively influence the signal transmission, we recommend to switch off IPv6.

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