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FAQ section especially for frequently asked questions about the Laser Harp Controller.
For more details about the Laser Harp Controller, please check out the Laserworld Shop or have a look at the Laser Harp manual.

Dieser FAQ-Bereich ist speziell für häufig auftretenden Fragen über den Laserharfen-Controller gedacht.
Für Details und Spezifikationen zum Laserharfen-Controller, werfen Sie bitte einen Blick in den Laserworld Shop oder schauen Sie sich die Bedienungsanleitung der Laserharfe an.

Which laser do you suggest to use with Laser Harp Controller?

We suggest to use either a Purelight or an RTI PIKO laser projector with the Laser Harp.

What do I need to set in Phoenix software to get the Laser Harp properly connected?

If your USB to Midi interface is properly connected and the drivers are installed, you may still not be able to use the Laser Harp properly on Phoenix.1. Switch to "Laser Harp Mode" in Phoenix (Setting>Mode>Harp) 2. Do the proper device setting: Go to Settings>Midi/DMX; Check "Use MIDI Input" and Select the Midi Device in the dropdown menu (It may be shown as "sound device"). If you...

What is included in delivery when I buy Prolight Laser Harp Controller from Laserworld?

Prolight Laser Harp Controller package contains: - MIDI Controller unit - Sensor unit- Power Supply Adapter- Sensor cable 3m- User manual, CE Declaration of Conformity- MIDI to USB cable

What accessories do you suggest to use?

We suggest you use white gloves for better light reflection. We recommend using the double footswitch so you can easily switch between MIDI banks as well as open and close your Harp

Is it possible to play chords?

Each beam that you block produces a sound. The user himself/herself chooses which sounds (or effects) he/she wants the harp to play, depending on the device connected via MIDI cable to the Controller. If you block several beams at the same time you will hear the correct sounds playing (or see the selected effects) all at the same time which means that you can play polyphonic music (or create...

If you block a beam does the sound change if you move your hand up and down?

The Laser Harp Controller plays sounds just like a classical harp would. When you block a beam the Controller sends a signal that plays a corresponding sound. Just like a classical harp, it does not modulate a sound according to the movements of your hands along the string i.e. blocked beam.

How do I connect the Laser Harp Controller to a laser projector?

The Laser Harp Controller connects to an ILDA-compatible laser projector via ILDA cable. The Harp controller sends a signal to the laser projector to draw an array of laser beams in a fan arrangement. When you block a beam, the sensor registers and sends a signal to the controller which in turn sends a MIDI signal , e.g. to the computer via the Midi to USB cable. We recommend to use either a...

Does the Laser Harp require that each beam has its own separate sensor? Do laser beams have to be pointed at some location or set into a certain position

A frameless laser harp means exactly that – the harp has no frames i.e. the beams can be spread and directed to go anywhere. They are not required to hit sensor units. With Prolight Laser Harp Controller there is only one sensor unit on the ground and it registers blocking of any and all beams.

Can you operate the Laser Harp Controller while on-stage surrounded by other show lighting and laser projectors?

Yes you can. Laser Harp's sensor unit is programmed in such a way that it detects only the blocked light of the laser projector that the Controller is connected to.

Are there any extra accessories I can purchase for my Laser Harp Controller?

We offer a good number of accessories to the Laser Harp Controller. Customers usually purchase a single or double footswitch with the Harp Controller.

What is a Laser Harp Controller?

The Laser Harp Controller is basically a MIDI controller box with a sensor unit that will turn your ILDA laser projector into a powerful frameless full color laser harp. By detecting the reflection of your hand while interrupting one of the laser beams, the harp controller gives a MIDI feedback signal. The Laser Harp Controller is fully compatible with Phoenix Live and Pangolin Quickshow...

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