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FAQ section especially for frequently asked questions about the Laserworld Garden Star Series and how to operate these effect laser lights.
For more details about each effect laser display of the Garden Star Series, please check out the Laserworld Garden Star Series in the Laserworld Shop and the Manuals of the Laserworld Garden Star Series.

Dieser FAQ-Bereich ist speziell für häufig auftretenden Fragen über die Laserworld Garden Star Serie gedacht.
Für Details und Spezifikationen zu den einzelnen Laserprojektoren der Garden Star Serie, werfen Sie bitte einen Blick auf die Laserworld Garden Star Serie im Laserworld Shop oder schauen Sie in die Bedienungsanleitung der Garden Star Serie.

How can I save my current settings?

Does the Garden Laser systems provide a memory effect? No, the Garden Series effect lasers won't save your last settings when you turn it off for a longer time or unplug the system.The garden show laser will restart in a demo mode with slight rotation, where all color modes are changed automatically.

How do I change the colors of my Garden Laser?

Which systems do support a color change? There are two laser lights of the Garden Series where you can change the colors manually: The Laserworld GS-200RG move and the Laserworld GS-250RGB move.The Laserworld GS-60G and the Laserworld GS-60G move are always green and the Laserworld GS-200RG always displays its effects in green and red. How can I change the colors? For changing the colors the...

How do I mount the Garden Laser to the metal stake?

For mounting the Garden Laser just follow the manual below:

How does the rotation function work? / Can I stop the rotation?

Which systems do support the rotation function? All Garden Laser systems with the term "move" in the name support the rotation function:Laserworld GS-60G move, Laserworld GS-200RG move and Laserworld GS-250RGB move How can I change the rotation? For changing the speed of the rotation there are two buttons on the remote control as you can see in the picture below. The left "Rotation +" button...

How does the timer function work?

Which Garden Lasers offer a timer function? Every Garden Laser system that comes with a remote control offers a timer function:Laserworld GS-60G move, Laserworld GS-200RG move and Laserworld GS-250RGB move What does the timer function? With the timer function you can set a power off timer for your Garden Laser.After 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours the Garden Laser will power off independently, when...

How is the power of my Garden Laser affected, when projecting through a window?

Is the laser power affected by placing the Garden Laser behind a glass panel? Depending on the thickness and the type of your glass panel (e.g. double glass window, tinted windows, bullet-proof glass) a little part of the laser beams gets reflected and the colors could seem slightly more pale.

What are the different operation modes of the Garden Laser?

Which systems do support several operation modes? All Garden Series systems with the term "move" in their name support different operation modes that can be changed with the remote control.The other Garden Lasers always display a static image with all colors they support. How can I change the operation modes? For changing the modes the Garden Series move  devices come with a special...

What is the operating temperature of my Garden Laser?

What is the ideal temperature for my Garden Laser? As stated in the Garden Laser manual, the ideal operating temperature of all Garden Laser systems is -5°C to +38°C. What happens if it gets colder than -5°C? Laser systems of the GS-Series also work at temperatures below -5°C!Temperatures below -5°C will only lead to a temporary reduction of performance / power but it won´t affect your...

Where can I find the christmas / halloween / carnival patterns?

I can't find the special patterns of my Garden Laser; are they missing? The Garden Series consists of special effects laser systems that display hundreds of tiny light dots to walls, ceilings, trees and many other surfaces.But you can purchase a special Christmas Laser in our show laser shop. But on the packaging there are pictures of a christmas tree, a pumpkin, etc. The patterns that you...

Why do some colors seem brighter than others?

The blue color of my Garden Laser seems more dim than the other colors Some colors are more visible for the human eye than others. Please check out the following table to see which colors are physically most visible:

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