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How can I create a full power beam to measure the output power of my show laser?

Caution: This option will create a very strong single laser beam that can do harm to human eyes and set flammable surface on fire (depending on the power of the show laser system)! Even the reflection is able to be dangerous, so be very careful with what you are doing! This option is not for fun and show purposes!

  1. Open your Laserworld Showeditor and click on "Options". Then click on the tab "Color Correction".
  2. Assure yourself that each color fader is in its standard position.
  3. Click on the button "Color Correction". A warning message pops up. READ IT. Then click on "OK".
  4. Click the checkboxes of the colors you want to putput. Click on "Proceed". Click on "OK" of the warning message. Then you are able to adjust the brightness with the corresponding fader.
  5. Make sure to select "Laser CW mode" and "Singlebeam". These are the recommended settings for full power measurement.

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