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FAQ section especially for frequently asked questions about the Laserworld Showeditor and how to operate this all-in-one laser show control software.
For even more details, please check out the official Laserworld Showeditor homepage where you can find the Showeditor forum and the Showeditor manual.

Dieser FAQ-Bereich ist speziell für häufig auftretenden Fragen über den Laserworld Showeditor und wie man ihn bedient gedacht.
Noch detailliertere Informationen finden Sie auf der offiziellen Laserworld Showeditor Homepage mit dem Showeditor Forum und der Showeditor Bedienungsanleitung.

How do I use MIDI controllers with Showeditor?

If you are having problems with controlling your laser device with a MIDI controller using Showeditor sfotware, please have a look at our Video Tutorial on how to use MIDI controllers with Showeditor: 

There is a quartz.dll registration error. What to do?

It is very uncommon, but unfrequently it occurs a registration error with the quartz.dll file during installation. It depends on your operating system and other criteria if this error will pop up, but no worries: the solution is easy to achieve as you can install *.dll files manually. On the official Laserworld Showeditor website you can find a batch file that registers the quartz.dll -> the...

Why are my ILDA (*.ild) files are not recognized by the ShowNET interface?

The Laserworld ShowNET interface does NOT support custom file names. They aren't recognized and won't be accessible by the ShowNET.ShowNET interfaces use *.ild files in standard 5 format. That is why the files must be named the following way:   First file: 000.ild Second file: 001.ild Third file: 002.ild

Why does it seem that the export of figures as ILDA (*.ild) file does not work?

The export feature of Laserworld Showeditor is linked to the permission settings for each show / figure. For further details please have a look at the Laserworld Showeditor Manual.   Be aware: if you create a new figure within an active laser show that is protected against ILDA export, the figure becomes protected, too. Therefore you must create a new folder and create new figures you...

How can I set the scan speed and frame rate for the SD-card player in my ShowNET?

First of all you'll need to download the ShowNET Admin Tool from the Laserworld Showeditor Download section. Connect the ShowNET over LAN with your Computer. Wait for the interface to being recognized by your Computer. Open the Laserworld ShowNET Admin Tool by double-clicking on the desktop symbol. The Admin Tool will automatically detect the interface in your network. Click on the tab...

How can I create a full power beam to measure the output power of my show laser?

Caution: This option will create a very strong single laser beam that can do harm to human eyes and set flammable surface on fire (depending on the power of the show laser system)! Even the reflection is able to be dangerous, so be very careful with what you are doing! This option is not for fun and show purposes! Open your Laserworld Showeditor and click on "Options". Then click on the tab...

How can I use ILDA files on SD card with my show laser?

You'll need a laser light with an SD card slot, of course. E.g. the new Laserworld Proline Series but other show lasers with SD card compatibility work as well. General Information:As the *.ild files are saved on the SD card, you'll need a SD card reader/writer of your choice for saving the files on the SD card.The ILDA files can ony be read when they lie in folders. Therefore you must save...

How can I use older USB interfaces with the Laserworld Showeditor?

You can use older Laserworld USB interfaces only as SLAVE DACs with the Laserworld Showeditor. For doing so, you'll need a Laserworld ShowNET interface with a valid Showeditor License. Depending on your operating system follow these steps:  Windows 8, 8.1, 10: Save your work and close all windows. Press the Windows button + "R". A new window opens, type: shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t...

How do I connect my ShowNET interface over LAN?

If you are having problems with connecting the Laserworld ShowNET interface over LAN with your computer, please have a look at our Video Tutorial on how to connect the ShowNET interface over LAN:   You may also have a look at the troubleshooting and tutorial for connecting the ShowNET over LAN on the Laserworld Showeditor homepage.

How can I make my own MIDI profile?

To create your own MIDI profile or adapt an existing profile for a MIDI controller, go to Options -> MIDI/DMX   Click on "View MIDI Monitor" to see which MIDI value is sent by the MIDI device when pressing a key.  The MIDI signal consists of three values: message number, Data1, Data2  Select the vary effect that you want to apply to a key / fader / button on the MIDI....

How can I optimize my laser output quality?

As every show laser has a different behavior when it comes to scanning and color handling, it is essential to optimize the way the software handles the laser output. All adjustments are connected with each other, so you moght re-adjust a parameter after changing another. Laserworld Showeditor's standard setting work with every laser system well and won't destroy any scanning system. Optimize...

How can I adjust the scanner settings of my show laser to get the perfect scan speed?

It's not that simple to identify the ideal scan speed of your scanning system. Most scan speeds are given according to the ILDA specifications, but they only apply to a scan angle of 8°. But most show lasers have a much wider scan angle, up to 60-80°. Unfortunately the scan speed doesn't decrease linear to the scan angle.There are different approaches to identify the correct scan speed of your...

How do I calibrate the colors of my show laser?

With the color correction option it is possible to balance the power and behaviour of the individual colored laser sources.However the Laserworld Showeditor only supports show laser lights with a maximum of three different color channels. Furthermore your show laser system has to support analog modulation (the colors can be dimmed).   For a proper calibration of each color, load the...

My figures are flickering. What can I do about it?

When you try to display more figures, graphics, text, etc. than your show laser system is capable of projecting, then the projection starts flickering and flashing.Reduce the objects you want to display and the projection should be static again. If this won`t help, try to optimize the laser ouput quality and adjust the scan speed.

How can I convert Logos and other graphics into ILDA readable files?

If you want to convert simple logos and graphics into ILDA readable files, just use the Bitmap Trace Tool of the Laserworld Showeditor.You'll find this useful tool in the menu "Windows" -> "Bitmap trace".First load a picture by clicking on "Load Picture". Then click on "Trace Image" and the Showeditor starts converting the picture into a vector graphics.For more information about converting...

How do I change the keyboard layout from qwertz to qwerty?

With the current version it is not possible to change the on screen keyboard layout, but an editor to change letters will be implemented with the next version of Laserworld Showeditor.

How can I select an audio file for my laser show?

Go to: "Options" -> "Show" -> "Select new Audio File"

How can I set safety zones with the Laserworld Showeditor?

Go to: "Options" -> "Color Correction" -> "Audience Zone"For further details, please have a look at the Laserworld Showeditor Manual chapter 8.10.5

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