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What is OPSL? OPSL is an abbreviation for optically pumped semiconductor laser which describes a technology that is used by Coherent for their special show laser modules.The construction principle of OPSL sources is complicated, but in general the...

What is an outdoor laser? An outdoor laser is a show laser system especially suited for open-air events. Outdoor lasers are being used for festivals, street parades, concerts, on cruise ships, in amusement parks, for displaying graphics on...

What is outdoor laser lighting? Outdoor laser lighting means ambient lighting in gardens, parks or other outdoor locations displayed by laser lights. It can be a permanent laser installation e.g. onto trees in the nature or on walls in amusement...

What is an outdor laser show? An outdoor laser show is an open-air event for entertainment purposes, consisting of displays of constantly moving laser lights. You may see outdoor laser shows at festivals, concerts, street parades, in amusement...

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