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Laserworld presents next generation of laser projectors

Sunday, May 01, 2011  

purelight next level
Huge developments have taken place in the showlaser business in the past years. Laserworld now sets another level in price, functionality and quality: The new Pure-Projectors are built in finest quality and equipped with the well-known and very reliable SwissLas diode modules.

Our customers demanded more flexibility in projector control, as the common showlaser standard for laser control, ILDA, is quite old (parallel transmission) and low-level. So Laserworld decided to go one step ahead: The new projectors have a LAN interface included an external W-LAN access point can easily be used with. The projector can be controlled either real time by LAN (e.g. with Phoenix Showcontroller) or the LAN interface can be used to program the integrated SD-card with custom patterns, scenes and shows. The patterns on this SD-card can be run in auto mode, directly selected or they can be individually selected through DMX – or the standard integrated W-DMXTM. Laserworld is the first company worldwide that integrates all these features in one laser projector!

The new projectors are available in different setups. They are used for all Pure Sapphire and Purelight laser systems.


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