The highly powerful RTI PIKO 35 RYGB is suitable for large and demanding indoor and outdoor applications.
Equipped with the latest RSL Semiconductor modules combined with a green and a yellow OPSL, the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB has extraordinary good beam specifications, enhanced visibility and great white balance.
This laser system is made for top professional multimedia shows, installation projects and advanced projections.
Quality made in Germany!
  • 35'000 mW guaranteed power
  • Advanced RSL Semiconductor modules for extremely good beam shape and low divergence, which is equal on x- and y-axis, combined with OPSL
  • Green 10'000 mW / 530 nm OPSL for extra punch
  • Addition of high visibility 577nm yellow OPSL
  • Extremely sharp intense beams especially compared to other lasers of this power
  • Integrated powerful mainboard with advanced configuration features (geo-correction, zone setup, color balancing, etc.) and DAC feature
  • Integrated network switch for linking the control signal
  • Integrated Touch-Display for adjustment of basic functions
  • Rugged tour grade housing
  • 360° Bracket with quick-lock system

ShowNET mainboard as standard:
  • Various control options: ILDA, Professional DMX and ArtNET (two modes), LAN (computer control, integrated DAC), Stand-Alone Operation, ILDA Streaming Receiver, Master-Slave
  • Create custom content, store it inside the laser and play it back in different modes
  • Free laser show control software included
Stand-Alone modeSTAND-ALONE MODE:
The laser operates stand-alone and does not need and control. It plays back the content stored on the laser's mainboard.
The laser can be controlled with a standard DMX controller or DMX software.
ArtNET modeArtNET Control mode
Master-Slave modeMASTER-SLAVE MODE:
One laser sends control commands, the other laser follows these. Works with Stand-Alone modes and Sound-to-Light modes.
LAN connectionLAN MODE:
The laser can be controlled over LAN - this can be either direct software control, or ArtNET or similar (depending on the main board)
ILDA connectionILDA MODE:
The laser can be controlled over standard ILDA, the analog control signal for laser control. External Digital-Analog-Converters (DACs) can be used.
ILDA StreamingILDA Streaming
The laser is equipped with the advanced ShowNET laser mainboard which brings a multitude of features to the laser and makes it an intelligent lighting device.
Free Showeditor laser software includedSHOWEDITOR INCLUDED:
The full version of the laser show control software Showeditor is included in delivery.

Built with the latest RTI Semiconductor Laser Module technology, a strong green OPSL and an extra-visible yellow OPSL head!

The RTI PIKO 35 RYGB is made in Germany and is a powerful show laser system with extremely good visibility that is ideally suited for top professional laser show applications of any kind. It is built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser modules that are specially designed in a way to keep spot size as well as divergence equal on both x- and y-axis. This is significantly advantageous over solutions with a very good divergence on one axis, but a bad divergence on the other. The laser modules inside the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB are different - the spot size and shape is equal for all colors and on both axis!
The color range is extended with a yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL module for increased visibility - and matching spot size.

The beam specifications of the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB are given with only ca. 5.0 mm diameter and 0.7 mrad divergence - which applies to both axis, so it’s an actual value not an average and provides higher quality results than specifications with mixed calculations. The extremely small beam diameter allows for the use of very small mirrors, which results in reduced inertia and thus very good scanning performance.


  • 35'000 mW total RYGB power in a small housing of only 271 x 491 x 296 mm
  • super small spot of ca. 5.0 mm for reduced inertia and thus fast scanning
  • 10'000 mW / 530 nm green Coherent Taipan OPSL for extra punch
  • 6'000 mW / 577 nm yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL for increased visibility
  • All wavelengths matched in divergence and beam size
  • extremely low divergence of 0.7 mrad - on both axis!
  • Compact form factor, RSL module size equal to the Coherent OPSL modules
  • extremely lightweight unit with only 27 kg
  • Different, brighter wavelengths for increased visibility
  • brilliant colors and great color fading
  • RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules match up with the added Yellow OPSL in spot size and divergence
  • Laser modules do not come out of internal alignment
  • Maintenance free laser modules
  • Integrated network switch, control signal can easily be linked through
  • Interlock / e-stop signal can be daisy-chained
  • High quality product, made in Germany
  • Great scanning performance suitable for projections as well as for beams

The RTI PIKO 35 RYGB impresses with a guaranteed RYGB output power of 35'000 mW. Great visibility is achieved with the new RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules (RSL) with special wavelengths for increased visibility: 8'000 mW / 637 nm for a very bright red combined with 10'000 mW / 530 nm green and a strong blue laser module with 15'000 mW / 455 nm. An additional yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL head with 6'000 mW / 577 nm is added for significantly increased visibility - yellow is the best visible color to human eye. The 525 nm green provides a warmer green tone than the 520 nm diodes and also has increased visibility.
These new RSL modules with their extremely low divergence and homogenous beam shape make the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB a top professional laser system. The extremely small beam diameter of only ca. 5.0 mm allows for the use of small scanner mirrors which leads to reduced inertia and higher scan speeds. This is especially important, as the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB can be used for any kind of laser show application: Super sharp beams and vivid colors for large scale concerts and festivals but also a perfectly matched beam for crisp graphics.

Beam Spot Comparison RTI PIKO 35 RYGB

The RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules are maintenance free and do not come out of internal alignment.
The standard scanners can be run at a maximum of 45 [email protected]° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 50°. CT-6210 scanners with LAS Turboscan drivers are available as option and provide even higher scan speeds with up to 60 kpps at ILDA 8°.

The housing is built very durable and ideal for use on the road. It has an interlock / e-stop through port, which allows for daisy-chaining the interlock signal, which means that only one e-stop is required for several laser systems. Due to the dustproof housing, the maintenance effort is very low and the device is also suitable for tough touring applications. The new 360° brackets can be safely fixed in the needed position in just a few moments thanks to the quick-lock system.

The powerful RTI PIKO 35 RYGB is suitable for indoor and outdoor show laser applications at concerts, festivals and other huge events. Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are possible without any problems, due to the extremely good divergence.


The RTI PIKO 35 RYGB is delivered with a ShowNET laser mainboard as standard. This means it has a multitude of control features already built-in: Control via DMX or ArtNET, just like a normal lighting fixture, are possible as well as computer control via ILDA or LAN. Of course the laser can be run in stand alone operation, too. The contents for playback (for DMX, ArtNet, Stand-Alone, etc.) can be fully customized. As the ShowNET laser mainboard comes with a full license of the Showeditor software, it is easy to create custom content for the built-in memory or even directly control the laser with a computer - either live or for creation an playback of complete laser shows.

If ILDA shall be used as control option, like from an external Lasergraph DSP, the internal ShowNET mainboard can also be used as receiver for an IDLA streaming signal - so the externbal ILDA signal can be feeded to an external ShowNET device and this sends the direct control to the RTI PIKO 35 RYGB via ILDA Streaming - so no long ILDA cables are required any more, even with ILDA based control systems.
RTI PIKO B Detail 07
RTI PIKO B Detail 02
RTI PIKO B Detail 01
RTI PIKO B Detail 03
RTI PIKO B Detail 04
RTI PIKO B Detail 06
RTI PIKO B Detail 05
Guaranteed Power at aperture
35'000 mW
Power Red
8'000 mW / 637 nm
Power Green
10'000 mW / 530 nm
Power Blue
15'000 mW / 455 nm
Power Yellow
6'000 mW / 577 nm
Beam Specifications (full angle)
ca. 5.0 mm / 0.7 mrad
45 [email protected]° ILDA; optional CT-6210 with LAS Turboscan: 60 [email protected]° ILDA, max. 60°
Max. Scan Angle
Laser Source
RSL modules, Coherent Taipan OPSL
Laser Class
Operation Modes
ILDA, LAN (Software), DMX, ArtNET, ILDA-Streaming, Stand-Alone; (integrated intelligent ShowNET laser mainboard with display)
Basic Patterns
over 120 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Incl. waterproof flightcase, interlock connector, key, power cable, manual,; full version Showeditor software license included
IP rating
Power Supply
85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
850 W
271 x 491 x 296 mm
27 kg
*Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in our laser systems the optical power of each colour within installed laser module(s) may slightly differ from the specification of respective laser module(s).

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