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Laser Show References: Showroom shows and other laser shows

Laserworld runs own showrooms at their premises (Switzerland, USA, Germany, China), but besides that many of the Laserworld customers have their own showrooms where they showcase products of the Laserworld Group, displaying laser shows to potential customers. Showroom laser shows are a great way to see the capability of laser show systems, as the circumstances for the laser show can be set to display all the different aspects of a laser show system: Graphics capabilities as well as color fading and linearity are just some of the aspects that can be shown very well in a showroom laser show.
Laserworld also brings "mobile showrooms" to many exhibitions of the event industry world wide to be able to showcase the projector quality. The laser shows at exhibitions like Prolight&Sound in Frankfurt or in Guangzhou are well know in the industry and many people come every year to see the latest laser show display of the Laserworld Group at the exhibitions.
Please find some examples of showroom laser shows below - some pictures and videos were also provided by customers:

Laserworld at BPM / PRO 2015 in Birmingham

BPM PRO Show Thumb
From 12/09 till 14/09/2015 Laserworld presented itself and the whole Laserworld Group inclouding RTI, SwissLas and HB-Laser at the BPM and PRO Show in Birmingham, UK.As the PRO mainly targets professional entertainment technology customers the BPM show is a special exhibition for DJ’s and entertainers.With its large product portfolio Laserworld fits the both audiences perfectly.The smaller...Laserworld at BPM / PRO 2015 in Birmingham

Prolight&Sound Guangzhou 2015

PLS Guangzhou 0003 Thump
At this year's Prolight&Sound in Laserworld came with a huge set of high end laser systems and presented a impressive show.For this, the following show laser systems were included:- 1x SwissLas PL-20.000 - 2x SwissLas PM-10.000 - 2x RTI Femto 6- 2x HB-Laser Lightcube 863 13W - 1x HB-Laser Lightcube 851 5.5W - 1x RTI Piko G20 jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Prolight&Sound Guangzhou 2015

Laser Show at Prolight and Sound 2015, Frankfurt

Laserworld Prolight Sound 2015 1149 Thump
At this year's Proloight and Sound in Frankfurt (15. - 18.04.2015) Laserworld and the Laserworld Companies HB-Laser and Ray-Technologies presented an impressive laser show with a huge lineup of highend show laser systems.  jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li...Laser Show at Prolight and Sound 2015, Frankfurt

Laserworld laser show @ BPM Birmingham 2014

Youtuber ellaskins shows us his video of the Laserworld laser show at 2014's BPM Birmingham. Thank you very much for providing this video!Laserworld laser show @ BPM Birmingham 2014

Laser Safety Officer Training, Lengwil, Switzerland

Laser Safety Officer Training
Despite rainy weather more than 20 laser fans arrived at the headquarters of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG in Lengwil, Switzerland, for a laser safety officer training at October, the 10th 2013. The participants observed the presentation attentively. Also members of the Laserworld Switzerland team were present in order to improve their skills. All in all the training has been a full...Laser Safety Officer Training, Lengwil,...

Spider Laser Game – Fun with Laser Beams

Many years of experience in the entertainment laser industry stimulate new ideas and solutions:Over the years requests have been made for a laser game that can be played, as there has been in many films, where treasures are protected by laser beams. Technology has evolved and enabled us to develop product solutions that can be easily set up, played by both children and adults and that are...Spider Laser Game – Fun with Laser Beams

BPM Show 2013 @ Birmingham

BPM Show Birmingham 2013
At the BPM 2013 (14.09.-16.09.2013) in Birmingham, UK, Laserworld presented a succesful show with following set-up:Top row: 2xPM-1800RGB, 1xPM-1800RGB CT for graphics projecting to scrimMiddle row: 1xPS-5200RGB, 1xCS-1000RGB SE, 1xCS-2000RGB SEBottom row: 1xCS-1000RGB, 1xPM-3200RGB, 1xCS4000RGB Additional PM1800RGB for graphics also projecting to another piece of scrimIn additon we introduced...BPM Show 2013 @ Birmingham

Multimedia laser show - Showroom Laserworld (Switzerland) AG

Multimedia Laser Show
Visit our showroom at our headquarters in Lengwil (Switzerland) and get a real impression of the quality and power of our show laser light systems.For details or an appointment please contact us via email: info@laserworld.comEquipment: 2x PM-1800RGB 2x PL-6000RGB compact 4x Piko RGB 8.0 (3x Grating) 2x gauze 1x water screen 1x front projection screen controlled...Multimedia laser show - Showroom Laserworld...

Laserworld Laser Safety Officer Training

Prolighting Laser Safety Officer Training
At regular intervals Laserworld offers laser safety officer trainings in cooperation with partner companies. During the training participants learn more about the correct handling of lasers systems. The Laserworld laser safety trainings are very popular.Following the theoretical part the participants set-up laser systems for a live demonstration. In the context with this laser safety officer...Laserworld Laser Safety Officer Training

Legoland Discovery Center Berlin/Germany

Legoland Spider Lasergame
An interactive laser game has been installed at Legoland Discovery Center in Berlin/Germany by Laserworld partner Bocatec. Different solutions of Laserworld have been integrated.The visitors have to move through a room filled with laser beams from different angles, and they must avoid to touch/interrupt those beams.We also offer this kind of solution to other amusement parks - please ask for a...Legoland Discovery Center Berlin/Germany

BVMW breakfast at HB-Laser headquarters

2013 12 Bvmw Fruehstueck
The BVMW ("Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft"), which is an industry association for small to medium sized companies, held their 2013 meeting at the HB-Laser headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd. And HB-Laser of course showcased some spectacular laser shows and multi media examples. HB-Laser just became a new member of the BVMW and therefore invited the other members and introduce the...BVMW breakfast at HB-Laser headquarters

Laserworld laser show @ prolight + sound 2012

Youtuber ellaskins shows us his video of the Laserworld laser show at 2012's prolight + sound in Frankfurt. Thank you very much for providing this video!Laserworld laser show @ prolight + sound 2012

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