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Many companies rent laser show systems from Laserworld for their events (dry hire), as the rental stock of Laserworld holds over 100 high end rental laser systems world wide. These customers often do very big events, as they act as contractors for large scale events, festivals, for band gigs or concerts. We are happy that some of these rental customers share their laser show pictures with us, so we're allowed to publish them here. Laserworld also offers laser show services or provides laser show operators together with the laser show systems. So some of the laser show and event pictures below were also done by our laser show operators or our media crew on site, when we rented out our pro laser show equipment to customer gigs - together with laser show operators.
The bigger an event, the more and the stronger the laser systems need to be. Even the evry big rental companies often don't have enough and strong enough own laser show systems to do such events. Laserworld offers a wide range of strong and high professional laser show systems for rental. Up to 30W white light are usually no problem at all, as many systems of that power are in our rental stock. Stronger rental laser systems are available on request, as the demand is high compared to the overall availability of such systems in the whole laser show market world wide.

Promenadenfest 2011 in Passau / Germany - Laser projection

09 Laserworld Promenadenfest Passau 2011
On August 13, 2011 the final evening event of Passau's Promenadenfest took place. Laserworld projected with a RTI PIKO G12 texts onto a mountain on the opposite of the Danube river. Promenadenfest 2011 in Passau / Germany - Laser...

Osterhammer 2011 in Schwerin / Germany - Bocatec

11 Osterhammer 2011 Schwerin
On 24.04.2011 Bocatec supported the multimedia show atthe Osterhammer in the “Schweriner Sport- und Kongresshalle” with a composition of 15 laser projectors of approx. 45W total power. 2011-04-24 Osterhammer Teaser1 from Bocatec on Vimeo.Osterhammer 2011 in Schwerin / Germany - Bocatec

Laser Entertainment srl - Gay Village Rome 2010

17 Laser Entertainment Gay Village 2010
Gay Village Rome 2010 (summer disco)  rental 4 x RS 800G plus other LE multicolor laser 2W jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Laser Entertainment srl - Gay Village Rome 2010

AMICI VIP Partyreihe, Il Boccone, Constance / Germany

16 Amici Vip Partyreihe Il Boccone
Setup: 1 x Laserworld PL-3400RGB2 x Laserworld PL-1600RGB jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...AMICI VIP Partyreihe, Il Boccone, Constance /...

Bang and Dance, Wenkheim / Germany

15 Bang And Dance Wenkheim
Setup: 6 x CS-250G controlled via ILDA ShoweditorY-Adapter Bang and Dance, Wenkheim / Germany

HW Lasertechnik - PL 6W RGB Laser Juggling

18 Hw Lasertechnik Laser Juggling
HW Lasertechnik - Laser Juggling Performance >> PL 6W RGB HW Lasertechnik - PL 6W RGB Laser Juggling

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