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Laser Show References: Outdoor Laser Show

Outdoor laser shows became more and more popular in the past years, as the laser show projectors became much stronger and more affordable at the same time. Where an outdoor laser show was quite limited at the times of gas laser systems due to the massive amount of water that was needed for cooling and the extreme power consumption, the modern laser show systems consume only very few power, so they can be run on a normal 10A/16A fuse. Outdoor laser shows can be seen at different occasions: Nearly every big electronic music festival uses lasers to cover the whole festival area, but also festivals of other music genres use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the scenery. Even metal festivals are looking to use lasers more for their shows, as the huge advantage of the laser technology is their enormous reach of the beams of up to 30km and even further. So even the biggest festival area can be covered.
Besides the use at festivals, an outdoor laser show can also be a sky laser (also named "Landmark laser" in some areas of the world) application, where the laser beam(s) are pointed towards the sky or at least in a way to achieve long reach and visibility. This kind of application is independent of any music synchronicity, but more used as fixed installation. Sky Laser or Landmark laser applications can often be seen in Asian countries, but also at special governmental events or installations, where people should be attracted to come visit a special spot.
Outdoor Laser Shows can also be seen as part of amusement park laser shows / multi-media shows or corporate shows. They are also often used for inauguration ceremonies or launches of buildings / architectural objects. Some lighting artists also like to use laser show systems for their outdoor installations.
Please find below an overview of some outdoor laser show projects that were done with laser show projectors of the Laserworld Group:

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Lasershow for a Chinese TV-Production, 2010

Chinese Outdoor Laser Show
For a Chinese TV-production several 15W up to 35W RGB laser systems have been used in 2010. The result was this spectacular laser show. The lasershow has been designed and programmed by www.aavinternational.comLasershow for a Chinese TV-Production, 2010

Multimedia Installation @ Holy Defense Museum Teheran, Iran

2010 06 Holy Defense Museum Teheran
46 strong laser light projectors were ordered for the fixed installation at the Holy Defense Museum in Teheran, Iran. HB-Laser provided LightCube NexGen RGB 3.5W systems. This enormous number of laser systems was controlled by two HB-Laser TITAN workstations over network. The whole project was defined as turn-key solution, so HB-Laser took care of the whole multi media installation. Besides...Multimedia Installation @ Holy Defense Museum...

Skylaser Kassel / Germany in December at snowfall

Skylaser Kassel
Laserbeams in Kassel (Germany) in December at snowfall Outdoor-Test of PL-2000G and PL-3500G distance approx. 3-5km  jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li a").bind("click", function (e)...Skylaser Kassel / Germany in December at snowfall

Mirabilandia Amusement Park, Italy

Mirabilandia Thumb
Mirabilandia is one of the largest amusement parks in Italy. HB-Laser provided a big multimedia show installation. HB-Laser was responsible for the design and the implementation of all technical parts including climate control, multimedia show design concept and planning of the entire installation including show design and programming. For the multimedia show HB-Laser used: 1 x 10W RGB show...Mirabilandia Amusement Park, Italy

Jia Xing Show: A perfect lasershow in China 2010

Jia Xing Show 2010
The Jia Xing Show is a great example for a perfect lasershow. This multi-color lasershow is a result of the combination of strong lasers, lighting effects and water fountains. The lasershow has been designed and programmed by www.aavinternational.comJia Xing Show: A perfect lasershow in China 2010

Multimedia Installation @ Heidepark Soltau, Germany

2007 11 Heidepark Soltau
In 2007 the operators of Germany's second largest amusement park, the Heidepark in Soltau, requested a special attraction: a big laser show and multi media show over a lake. The show equipment should be installed on one side of the lake, where the spectators should be on the opposit side. This provided many opportunities when planning and designing the laser show, so the results were awesome:...Multimedia Installation @ Heidepark Soltau,...

Laser show @ Kapfenburg anniversary, 2006

2006 10 Kapfenburg
These pictures were taken at an anniversary event HB-Laser did at Castle Kapfenburg, Germany.  A HB-Laser LightCube G 5W laser projector was used, controlled with Pangolin laser show control software jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li a").bind("click", function...Laser show @ Kapfenburg anniversary, 2006

Multimedia Installation @ Mirabilandia Amusement Park, Italy

2006 06 Mirabilandia
2006 HB-Laser provided a spectacular multi media show installation for one of the largest amusement parks in Italy, the Mirabilandia Park. Design and implementation of all technical parts including climate control, multi media show design concept and planning of the entire installation including show design and programming was carried out by HB-Laser.  Some other companies tried to...Multimedia Installation @ Mirabilandia Amusement...

Laser show truck - Eventcar as mobile stage

2006 01 Eventcar
HB-Laser equipped the Eventcar with laser show and multi media elements to make the Eventcar a mobile stage and mobile show truck at the same time. As center laser projector a HB-Laser LightCube RGB 1.5W was used, satellites were two HB-Laser ZEUS single green projectors with 500mW each. The Eventcar could be rented for events and shows.   jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Laser show truck - Eventcar as mobile stage

City Festival Neckarsulm 2005, Germany

2005 08 Neckarsulm
The city of Neckarsulm surprised its citizens with a very special highlight at the city festival in 2005. HB-Laser created nice laser projections towards the walls of a central building - showing animations, spirographic effects as well as the logos of sponsors. But not only the lasers were provided by HB-Laser, but also a strong, professional sound system. Laser systems used: HB-Laser...City Festival Neckarsulm 2005, Germany

Kultturm Projekt - Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

2004 10 Kultturm Projekt
The "Kultturm" project was an artistic laser light installation in 2004 that established a link between the 5 culturally important ancient city wall towers of the City of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. To create this optical effect, HB-Laser used a strong LightCube laser show system with 10W power and a Jenoptik JenLas disc laser source. jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Kultturm Projekt - Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Laser installation at Azadi Square Museum, Teheran, Iran

2004 12 Azadi Square Museum
The implementation of a massive show at Azadi Square Museum in Teheran, Iran, was the largest laser and multimedia project installation until that point (2004). The implementation was realized by HB-Laser. This project not only incorporated different laser show parts, but also a variety of different other media that needed to be implemented. HB-Laser provided screen as well as screen content...Laser installation at Azadi Square Museum,...

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