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Laser Show References: Outdoor Laser Show

Outdoor laser shows became more and more popular in the past years, as the laser show projectors became much stronger and more affordable at the same time. Where an outdoor laser show was quite limited at the times of gas laser systems due to the massive amount of water that was needed for cooling and the extreme power consumption, the modern laser show systems consume only very few power, so they can be run on a normal 10A/16A fuse. Outdoor laser shows can be seen at different occasions: Nearly every big electronic music festival uses lasers to cover the whole festival area, but also festivals of other music genres use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the scenery. Even metal festivals are looking to use lasers more for their shows, as the huge advantage of the laser technology is their enormous reach of the beams of up to 30km and even further. So even the biggest festival area can be covered.
Besides the use at festivals, an outdoor laser show can also be a sky laser (also named "Landmark laser" in some areas of the world) application, where the laser beam(s) are pointed towards the sky or at least in a way to achieve long reach and visibility. This kind of application is independent of any music synchronicity, but more used as fixed installation. Sky Laser or Landmark laser applications can often be seen in Asian countries, but also at special governmental events or installations, where people should be attracted to come visit a special spot.
Outdoor Laser Shows can also be seen as part of amusement park laser shows / multi-media shows or corporate shows. They are also often used for inauguration ceremonies or launches of buildings / architectural objects. Some lighting artists also like to use laser show systems for their outdoor installations.
Please find below an overview of some outdoor laser show projects that were done with laser show projectors of the Laserworld Group:

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Laser Installation @ Genclik Park, Ankara, Turkey

Genclik Park Ankara 001
Our partner Laserfabrik did a big installation at Genclik Park in Ankara, Turkey with one RTI RGB and two RTI single-green show laser systems, each in a climate outdoor housing. Two hours of timecode show that can be remote controlled provide a great look for all visitors. Laserfabrik used a water shield for impressing laser water effects.Laser Installation @ Genclik Park, Ankara, Turkey

Al Bahar Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Bahar 001
On December 12th, 2015 was the 44th national holiday of the United Arab Emirates. AO Lighting realized as general contractor with its creative department AO Creative an impressive multimedia show and with the help of our partner Laserfabrik they did a great outdoor light and laser show for six days.They used six RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser systems and a Lasergraph DSP for controlling the show....Al Bahar Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Laser Installation in Oxford with one RTI PIKO Show Laser

AC Lasers PIKO G10 Installation Web Small
AC Lasers from Great Britain, installed a RTI PIKO G10 on the roof of the Electron Building  at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford. The single green 10W device was put in a RTI Cocoon climate housing to protect it against bad weather conditions. The RTI PIKO G10 is used to project a sequence of graphis onto a building and to send a single beam over the site, where the particle...Laser Installation in Oxford with one RTI PIKO...

Laser Installation in Stuttgart, Germany

Landesmuseum Wuerttemberg 0007
HB-Laser did a great job with this fixed laser installation in the city center of Stuttgart, Germany. They used a weatherproof LightCube 851 IP68. Since December 2014 you´ll see every night a laser show advertising for expositions at the state museum.The pictures show the laser show from "Dream of Rome".The member of Laserworld Group used Pangolin software for controlling. Enjoy the video.For...Laser Installation in Stuttgart, Germany

Pomona Christmas Laser 'Extravaganza' in Australia

Pomona Christmas Laser Extravganza
A Very special Christmas Show was done by CORUNO LASER PRODUCTION in Australia at the Pomona Christmas Laser Extravganza. Ìn the video you can see two laser from Swisslas more precise the PM-5700 und der PM-3600 Here you can find more informations on the used lasers: PM-5700RGB PM-3600RGBPomona Christmas Laser 'Extravaganza' in Australia

Outdoor Laser Show at GEOVOL in Unterföhring / Germany

GEOVOL Unterfoehring
End of October 2014, GEOVOL, a company situated in Unterföhring / Germany, invited all citizens, company's employees and political prominenz to celebrate the results of two successful geothermal drillings. There have been a number of speeches and refreshments were served. A highlight was the go down of the drill tower, what was staged by a specially composed, impressing outdoor laser show,...Outdoor Laser Show at GEOVOL in Unterföhring /...

State Horticultural Show 2014, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

State Horticultural S Gmuend
The State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, is a huge exhibition of flowers and rare plants, arranged by high professional gardeners from the whole state. The show also incorporates musical acts, open air shows and multi-media displays. HB-Laser provided a multitude of monitors and lighting effects as well as a panorama projection inside a tower. Part of the video- and...State Horticultural Show 2014, Schwäbisch Gmünd,...

Fête de la lumière, Chartres, France

Chartres Fete De La Lumiere
Every year the city of Chartres / France celebrates the Festival of Lights ('Fête de la lumière'). Then there are laser lights, video projections and 3D mappings throughout the city. This year 2 x RTI PIKO RGB 14 and 1 x RTI PIKO RGB 18 have been used at the spectacle 'Fluorescences', produced by Ad Lib Créations, to impress the visitors. The laser lights have been controlled by Pangolin LD2000...Fête de la lumière, Chartres, France

Dollenacht Festival 2014 in Appelscha, Netherlands

Dollennacht Festival Appelscha
The Dollenacht Festival takes place each year in Appelscha, Netherlands. This year's festival on August, 01st - 03rd 2014 featured famous Dutch artists as Jan Smit, Nielson, Sharon Doorson and the Party Animals. Two Laserworld DS-3300RGB were used for their stage shows and the foam party on Friday. Our thanks go to Daniel Theunissen and YourFX for providing the following...Dollenacht Festival 2014 in Appelscha, Netherlands

Laser Installation with one RTI NANO in Helsinki

Laserinstallation Helsinki
On occasion of the celebrations of 135 years of electricity in Helsinki / Finland Laserworld  was asked to build up a high power laser light. This custom-made blue RTI NANO laser system ist only equipped with OPSL laser modules and has a total power of 15,000mW. It has been installed in a weather protective housing on the roof of Helsinki's obervatory. The single beam of RTI NANO connects...Laser Installation with one RTI NANO in Helsinki

Outdoor Laser @ Henley Swim Classics 2014, River Thames

Henley Swim Classics
At the Henley Swim Classics in Henley-on-Thames, Great Britain the participants had to swim upstream the River Thames over a distance of about 2.1km. The swimmers started early in the morning in darkness and ended the tour in the sunrise. Our friends of A.C Lasers used high power laser lights of RTI to light up the stretch.Our thanks go to Daniel Briggs and A.C Lasers for providing these...Outdoor Laser @ Henley Swim Classics 2014, River...

Sky Laser @ State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd, 2014

2014 04 Landesgartenschau Himmelsstuermer
The State Horticultural Show took place in Schwaebisch-Gmuend, Germany, in 2014. HB-Laser supported this event by connecting two towers with a specially collimated 5W green LightCube with super low divergence. These two towers are the town's landmarks and thus were the perfect objects for this kind of illumination. The strong laser beam was visible over the whole city, and especially could be...Sky Laser @ State Horticultural Show in...

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