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Laser Show References: Large Events - laser shows and multi media shows

The larger the event, the longer distance needs to be covered with lighting effects. No conventional lighting technology can reach as far as a laser can, which makes a laser show an essential part of large scale festivals or large event stages. Huge events relied on laser show gear from the Laserworld Group in the past, the references show many big names - and even many many more we're not allowed to name here.
Some lighting designers are unsure about the use of laser shows together with their lighting setup, but it's the right choice to go for a professional laser show as emotionalizing effect that forms a symbiosis with the normal lighting: Where LED walls and wash lights create the colorful ambient lighting effect, the lasers with their crisp beams travel very, very far (depending on the laser power up to 30km and even further) and generate an emotionalizing light, which can even "integrate" the spectator to the laser show (e.g. if a audience scanning show is done). Laserworld and her subsidiaries have long year experience in doing all sizes of laser shows, even very large scale laser shows are no problem for us.
The bigger a show is, the more knowledge is required. Many of laser show operators have done events with more than 50.000 people already, and thus know about the specialties of massive show productions. So please see some of our large scale laser show references below:

Salt Mine Berchtesgaden, Germany - turn-key multi media implementation

2007 04 Salt Mine Berchtesgaden
In 2007 HB-Laser installed the whole multi media facilities inside the salt mine of Berchtesgaden - a visitor mine, that demonstrates the history of mining, especially salt-mining, in the area. This project was enormously big, as not only the show programming, content preparation and installation of the multi media systems needed to be done, but it was also necessary to install the whole...Salt Mine Berchtesgaden, Germany - turn-key...

Europapark Rust Halloween Laser Show, Germany

2006 10 Europapark Rust
The Europapark in Rust, Germany, is the largest amusement park in Germany. Every year a huge Halloween Party takes place there, supported by radio and TV stations, and many famous regional and international artists perform at this event. HB-Laser supplied laser shows for this event several times already.  The challenge at this event is the large stage and the huge crowd. To cover the whole...Europapark Rust Halloween Laser Show, Germany

Laser Show @ Huaqing Emperor Palace in Xi'an, China

2006 04 Huaquing Palace
The Huaquing Emperor Palace in Xian, China, is a popular tourist attraction in that area. HB-Laser installed a laser show setup for daily laser show display in 2006. This technical equipment was implemented: 2 x HB-Laser ATLAS 2000 professional RGB white light systems with 10W each 3 x ATLAS 300 fibre projectors with DMX rainbow grating modules HB-Laser TITAN 5 multi media control...Laser Show @ Huaqing Emperor Palace in Xi'an,...

Multimedia laser show in Tenglong Cave, China 2006

2006 03 Tenglong Cave
The Tenglong Cave in China was said to be the biggest tourist attraction in China. HB-Laser installed a massive setup of multi media show and laser show in the 52km long Tenglong Cave. The multi media aser show is split to several areas of the cave. Several major challenges made this project very difficult: Not only was the electrical infrastructure insufficient first, there was also a rather...Multimedia laser show in Tenglong Cave, China 2006

Gan Hashikmim Wedding Hall, Israel

2005 02 Gan Hashikmim
The Gan Hashikmim Wedding Hall in Israel requested a strong laser show setup, but the implementation of the system on site was quite a challenge: Due to the building mainly consisting of windows, there was hardly a possibility to reduce the environmental illumination, even at night. We managed to get the show going anyway, and the professional ATLAS 2000 gas laser system did/does a great...Gan Hashikmim Wedding Hall, Israel

Multi Media Project @ Olympic Games Greece

2004 05 Olympic Games Greece
HB-Laser did several fixed laser show installation in Greece for the event of the Olympic Games in 2004. Two installations were done for the five star Hotels Grand Resort Lagonissy and Elounda Beach in Crete. Besides that, HB-Laser supplied a huge hydroshield for displaying TV-programs of the Olympic Games on the open sea - it was the largest TV projection in the open sea on a huge hydro...Multi Media Project @ Olympic Games Greece

SWR3 Dance Night 2003 - festival laser show

2003 07 Swr3 Dance Night Bad Krotzingen
HB-Laser provided two show laser light systems for the SWR3 Dance Night in Bad Krotzingen. The systems were used as center effects on the main festival outdoor stage. Both systems were stacked to create a double-layer center effect. These systems were used: 1 x Coherent Purelight 5W whitelight system, based on an HB-Laser ATLAS platform 1 x Melles 2.5W 532nm green DPSS laser, based on an...SWR3 Dance Night 2003 - festival laser show

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