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Laser Show References: Large Events - laser shows and multi media shows

The larger the event, the longer distance needs to be covered with lighting effects. No conventional lighting technology can reach as far as a laser can, which makes a laser show an essential part of large scale festivals or large event stages. Huge events relied on laser show gear from the Laserworld Group in the past, the references show many big names - and even many many more we're not allowed to name here.
Some lighting designers are unsure about the use of laser shows together with their lighting setup, but it's the right choice to go for a professional laser show as emotionalizing effect that forms a symbiosis with the normal lighting: Where LED walls and wash lights create the colorful ambient lighting effect, the lasers with their crisp beams travel very, very far (depending on the laser power up to 30km and even further) and generate an emotionalizing light, which can even "integrate" the spectator to the laser show (e.g. if a audience scanning show is done). Laserworld and her subsidiaries have long year experience in doing all sizes of laser shows, even very large scale laser shows are no problem for us.
The bigger a show is, the more knowledge is required. Many of laser show operators have done events with more than 50.000 people already, and thus know about the specialties of massive show productions. So please see some of our large scale laser show references below:

Multimedia Show @ Sharjah, UAE

30 Sharjah Multimedia Show
Our multimedia partner Attactions Audio Visual (AAV) have created a large scale multimedia installation at Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah, UAE including Laserworld high power devices. Design and Programming by www.aavinternational.comMultimedia Show @ Sharjah, UAE

The Laserworld Group | Power and Know-How

29 Laserworld Group Power Know How
Years of experience and cooperation with excellent partners, makes Laserworld a strong partner in terms of event technology and project management. Continuous development and the track and set of trends has become Laserworld's mission.The Laserworld Group | Power and Know-How

Opening show "Thai Fight Extreme 2012"

27 Opening Show Thai Fight Extreme 2012
Our British cutomer UK effects produced this opening show with 1 x PS-9200RGB, 1 x PIKO 11 and Pangolin Beyond control software for the "Thai Fight Extreme 2012" - Fight night.Many thanks to UK effects for this video!Opening show "Thai Fight Extreme 2012"

Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

28 Streetparade Zurich 2012
Over 140Watt of laser power have been installed from Laserworld to create an incredible laser show on the Streetparade in Zurich last weekend. Over 950.000 people celebrated this big party in the streets while Laserworlds LJ´s implemented all laser shows live and synchronous to the music on three stages. Multiple power ranges from Laserworld´s PIKO and NANO devices made this experience to...Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

Kunming Show Exhibition 2012 in China

31 Kunming Show China 2012
This is how China celebrates birthdays! In honor of the 20th birthday of a suburb of the chinese city Kunming a huge event with over 12.000 people in a stadium was arranged. Laserworld supported this event with 2x NANO AT4 and 3x PIKO 11. Take a look how Kunming celebrated this anniversary.  jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Kunming Show Exhibition 2012 in China

Salt Mine Heilbronn 2012 - multi media installation

2012 04 Salt Mine Heilbronn
The operators of the salt mine Heilbronn charged HB-Laser with an entire multi media show installation in the mine including the special IT power installation and the power-transformers. Approximately 50 km of cable were installed on the subsurface round tour (2 km) with custom-made video, laser, light and multi media technology and content. Alongside the round tour there are several spots where...Salt Mine Heilbronn 2012 - multi media...

Prolight+Sound 2012 in Frankfurt / Germany

32 Prolight Sound 2012 Frankfurt
Prolight+Sound 2012 in Frankfurt The Prolight+Sound Exhibition 2012 in Frankfurt has been completely successful for Laserworld. We had an amazing booth and an unforgettable lasershow with more than 70 laser projectors. Highlight was a matrix equipped with 49 Pure Micro PM-1800. Prolight+Sound 2012 Lasershow from Bocatec. Many thanks to Vossi  http://www.la-check.de for this video!Prolight+Sound 2012 in Frankfurt / Germany

Laser beams over Lake Constance, Germany - December 2012

22 Laser Beams Over Lake Constance 2012
This is the result of a product demonstration for some customers from Asia. The projectors were installed in Lengwil (Switzerland) on the roof of the Laserworld´s head office. The beams were shoot into the sky over Constance.Following setup was used for the spectacular laser show:  2 x RTI NANO RYGCB 354 x RTI Rainbow 362 x RTI G24running on Pangolin Beyond with 2 x QM.NET...Laser beams over Lake Constance, Germany -...

Brit Floyd at Forum de Beyrouth, Libanon

35 Brit Floyd At Forum De Beyrouth
6x Laserworld Purelight PL-8900RGB were used at the "Brit Floyd Show" at the "Forum de Beyrouth". The event took place on 22.12.2011. jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li a").bind("click", function (e)...Brit Floyd at Forum de Beyrouth, Libanon

Chinese outdoor lasershow with laser effects and graphics

33 Chinese Outdoor Lasershow Laser Effects
Have a look at this RGB outdoor lasershow with fountains and watershields. Very impressive show with high power laser systems. It shows a perfect composition of beams, water, grafics and sound. The lasershow has been designed and programmed by www.aavinternational.comChinese outdoor lasershow with laser effects and...

Multimedia Spectacle in the Bird's Nest / Beijing

11 Multimedia Spectacle Birds Nest Beijing
The 'Attraction' was a huge mulitmedia show, which took place in the former Olympic Stadium (called Bird's Nest due to its design) from 12.09. to 05.10.2013. After the Olympic Games in 2008 the stadium incorporates huge temporary show productions at regular intervals.The story of the show is about a loving couple and the devil who wants to get the girl. The devil swipes away the colors of the...Multimedia Spectacle in the Bird's Nest / Beijing

Jia Xing Show: an overwhelming lasershow in China

36 Jia Xing Show Overwhelming Lasershow China
The Jia Xing Show is a great example for an overwhelming lasershow. This multi-color lasershow is a result of the combination of strong lasers, lighting effects and water fountains. The lasershow has been designed and programmed by www.aavinternational.comJia Xing Show: an overwhelming lasershow in China

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