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Laser Show References: Large Events - laser shows and multi media shows

The larger the event, the longer distance needs to be covered with lighting effects. No conventional lighting technology can reach as far as a laser can, which makes a laser show an essential part of large scale festivals or large event stages. Huge events relied on laser show gear from the Laserworld Group in the past, the references show many big names - and even many many more we're not allowed to name here.
Some lighting designers are unsure about the use of laser shows together with their lighting setup, but it's the right choice to go for a professional laser show as emotionalizing effect that forms a symbiosis with the normal lighting: Where LED walls and wash lights create the colorful ambient lighting effect, the lasers with their crisp beams travel very, very far (depending on the laser power up to 30km and even further) and generate an emotionalizing light, which can even "integrate" the spectator to the laser show (e.g. if a audience scanning show is done). Laserworld and her subsidiaries have long year experience in doing all sizes of laser shows, even very large scale laser shows are no problem for us.
The bigger a show is, the more knowledge is required. Many of laser show operators have done events with more than 50.000 people already, and thus know about the specialties of massive show productions. So please see some of our large scale laser show references below:

Lasershow at Prolight + Sound - 2013

19 Lasershow At Prolight 2013
Laserworld offered again a spectacular laser show at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. The multimedia laser show has included also video projections and a large water screen. The different projection surfaces of video, water and gauze screens gave an impression of very plastic, even 3D-like effects. The music was an own composition which was specially created for this show. The audience was...Lasershow at Prolight + Sound - 2013

Laser Show @ Cheryl Cole Tour - "A million lights"

18 Cheryl Cole Tour Million Lights
For Cheryl Coles Tour " A million lights" our customer CMT events supported a bunch of recently purchased single green lasers. 1x PIKO G24, 2x PIKO G10 and a PIKO 8W have been used in combination with a 4 channel Pangolin network to give this show special highlights. Many thanks to CMT events for this reference! (http://www.cmtevents.co.uk/) jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Laser Show @ Cheryl Cole Tour - "A million...

Caprice Festival - Crans Montana (CH) 2013

17 Caprice Festival Crans Montana 2013
Caprices Festival at Crans Montana (CH) March 2013Fatboy Slim on main stage - The MoonLaser systems: 2 x Piko G24 1 x Nano AT6Software: BEYOND Ultimate with 2x QM.NET Interfaces Caprice Festival - Crans Montana (CH) 2013

Dog Blood at New City Gas / Ottawa

15 Dog Blood At New City Gas
At New City Gas and the Ottawa Bluesfest 2013, the Skrillex and Boys Noize group 'Dog Blood' did a great performance. The guys of LaserTec Canada used 2 x Purelight laser light systems and controlled them by Pangolin BEYOND with FB3QS. www.lasertech-canada.comDog Blood at New City Gas / Ottawa

Laser Show for Floyd Reloaded on Tour 2013

20 Floyd Reloaded Tour 2013
Many thanks to the around GmbH from Mannheim / Germany, who sent us these great pictures from the Floyd Reloaded Tour 2013 and the Radio Regenbogen Awards where Floyd Reloaded won the Award for the "Best Live Show 2012". jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li...Laser Show for Floyd Reloaded on Tour 2013

18 Years New Airport – Würzburg, Germany

16 18 Years New Airport
Techno Party at Airport - Würzburg18 Years New Airport2 x PIKO RGB6.5 2 x RTI NANO RGB15 1 x RTI NANO AT4 RYGB22 Emotion Coburg18 Years New Airport – Würzburg, Germany

Heineken's New Year Celebration 2012 / 2013

21 Heinekens New Year Celebration 12 13
New Year's Eve has been celebrated by 100,000 people on the Nguyen Hue Avenue in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).Our partner Bocatec has used following systems: 4x NANO AT 6 RYGCB 35, 2x PIKO G24 and 2x NAO AT 3 G 36 Heineken's New Year Celebration 2012 / 2013

MICS - Exhibition in Monaco 2012

25 Mics Exhibition Monaco 2012
Laserworld exhibited again at MICS Monaco in 2012. This year we had a nice booth directly in front of the main stage and attracted a lot of people with strong laser systems, like the PIKO G24 and the NANO AT6 RYGB 36.Laserworld also featured the LIFE Club with laser systems during the exhibition, to showcase the great nightclub products.Thank you for the great show! MICS ExhibitionMICS - Exhibition in Monaco 2012

Multimedia Show @ ADAC Supercross 2012, Munich, Germany

23 Adac Supercross 2012
Our partner, the Emotion Media Factory, has planned and implemented another amazing multimedia spectacle: The ADAC Supercross 2012 in Munich. Almost 50 motocross riders have shown their driving skills in the Olympia Hall. The specially created show comprised of moving heads, lasers, pyrotechnics and finally music. EMF has used six high power devices of RTI, which are predestinadet for large...Multimedia Show @ ADAC Supercross 2012, Munich,...

Halloween Show @ Escape from Wonderland 2012 – San Bernadino, CA

24 Escape From Wonderland 2012
What a sensational halloween event. On this stage were 2 X RTI NANO AT6 units installed; controlled by Pangolin LivePro. Halloween Show @ Escape from Wonderland 2012 –...

Musical "Attraction" at the Bird Nest stadium, Beijing/China

26 Musical Attraction Bird Nest Beijing
It took over 12 months to prepare the musical "Attraction", which was performed by 21.09-10.08.2012 in the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing / China.While the stadium was originally built in 2008 for the Olympic Games in Beijing, film director Lu Chuan took the chance and created this incredible musical which knows assert due to its action, its size and the involved effects. Performed by over 600...Musical "Attraction" at the Bird Nest...

Salt Mine in Merkers, Germany 2012

2012 09 Salt Mine Merkers
2009 the adventure mine "Salt Mine Merkers" in Germany was equipped with a basic multi media show system by HB-Laser. In 2012 an upgrade to the latest multi media and laser technology took place: The Salt Mine Merkers decided to go for professional LightCube laser show systems as well as for the improvement of the PR-electronics sound system to digital sound control interfaces. This technology...Salt Mine in Merkers, Germany 2012

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