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A laser show in a nightclub, disco or bar is quite common nowadays, however many nightclubs still either have very old laser show equipment or don't know how to use their lasers properly to create the maximum effect. Laserworld offers state-of-the art laser show setups for nightclubs, discotheques and bars. Many nightclub laser show references from around the world show the many different possibilities to set up / install a laser show in such an environment. As laser shows in nightclubs usually are live operated (not pre-programmed), the laser show setup needs to be easily operable by a lighting operator, as in many cases there is no separate Laser Jockey to control the show.
Most nightclubs rely on computer controlled laser show systems, as they provide maximum flexibility, but others require DMX controlled laser show setups to better match the existing lighting controls. Laserworld helps the very nightclub / discotheque / bar to find the ideal laser show setup for their needs - from the technical perspective, the implementation, the control as well as an affordable price. Laserworld has an own laser show implementation team that helps nightclubs and discotheques to set up their laser show on site - all over the world. See some laser show references from nightclubs, discotheques and bars below.

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Nachtdienst with Arjuna Schiks, Amsterdam

02 Nachtdienst Arjuna Schicks Amsterdam
On November 23rd, 2013 the famous DJ Arjuna Schiks did a 3 hours live performance in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Further actors were Anton Kuertz, Faux Couture, Dirty Bastarst, Primo Disco & Friends, Felix Tapex and Dubious Brothers. The performance of Arjunga Schiks tooks place in an old church on the Ruigoord area. Ruigoord is a kind of a articstic colony where art and daily life are...Nachtdienst with Arjuna Schiks, Amsterdam

Trance Oriënt Express, Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands

03 Trance Orient Express Amsterdam
Eleven years ago the Trance Oriënt Express started its history and became one of the leading psychedelic trance events in the Netherlands. The parties are located in an old church in Ruigrood near Amsterdam. On 26th of October one of these parties was equipped with two Laserworld CS-1000RGB laser which were controlled by Pangolin Quickshow. jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Trance Oriënt Express, Ruigoord Church,...

Laser Installation @ Gold Club - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

04 Gold Club Ho Chi Minh City
Massive laser setup in Gold Club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They have: 1 x Laserworld PL-8000RGB 2 x Laserworld PL-6000RGB 14 x Laserworld CS-2000RGB and Phoenix Showcontroller software for laser control. The Installation has been done by our Vietnamese partner Duc Pro Audio jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Laser Installation @ Gold Club - Ho Chi Minh...

Laser Installation at New Club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

05 Laser Installation At New Club Vietnam
Another new Nightclub installation in Ho Chi Minh City with Laserworld/SwissLas Lasers 3 x SwissLas PM-1800RGBShow controller software: Phoenix Showcontroller The Installation has been done by our Vietnamese partner Duc Pro Audio jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li...Laser Installation at New Club in Ho Chi Minh...

Laser Show @ Airport Würzburg, Germany 2013

06 30 Years Airport Wuerzburg
The 'Airport Wuerzburg' is one of the oldest clubs for house and techno music in Germany. In 1983 the club has opened its doors for the very first time. Many of the parties which took place at airport's five floors are legendary. In 2013 the club has celebrated its 30 anniversary and arranged a huge party. Monbootica, DJ Sonic, Toni Rios, the Disco Boys and many other DJs were booked for this...Laser Show @ Airport Würzburg, Germany 2013

Project X 2 – Ilshofen, Germany 2013

07 Project X 2
The Arena Hohenlohe in Ilshofen / Germany is a venue for big events. One of these big events is the Project X 2 Party which took place on 26 October 2013. DJane Sunny Marleen performed on the stage in front of sold-out crowd. Sunny Marleen is very popular in the German music scene and she already performed  on many gigs in Russia, Poland, France, Spain and Switzerland. Our partner Emotion...Project X 2 – Ilshofen, Germany 2013

Club Imperia - Hamburg, Germany

09 Club Imperia Hamburg Germany
In September 2013 Club Imperia opens its doors in Hamburg / Germany. The location is designed for up to 2,000 guests and offers two dance floors. The technical interior for lights, laser lights, sound and video is completely new and was integrated by our partner Bocatec. 4x CS-2000RGB SE24x LED Moving Heads30x LED 2x Panasonic video projectorPioneer DJ-equipmentShow controller software:Phoenix4...Club Imperia - Hamburg, Germany

Laser Installation @ Club M2 – Shanghai, China

08 Club M2 Shanghai China
The Club M2 is a very famous and trendy club in downtown Shanghai / China. Now the M2 has an extra attration: high end laser systems of RTI. Our partner Bocatec has done the installation. Following items have been used:3 x RTI PIKO 11.0 RGB1 x 4m fog screen for laser light and video projectionsThe laser light systems are controlled by Phoenix with 3 network interface cards and with one APC 40...Laser Installation @ Club M2 – Shanghai, China

Laser Show @ Borderline Basel, Switzerland 2013

10 Borderline Basel Ultimate Washingmachine
Party at the Borderline Basel - The Ultimate Washingmachine - 08.06.2013 PL-3000RGB compactcontrolled with Pangolin Quickshow Borderline Basel    Laser Show @ Borderline Basel, Switzerland 2013

moon13 - Re-opening of a famous club in Frankfurt

13 Moon13 Re Opening Frankfurt
It was part of the global electronic music history. The owner and founder of the club, Sven Väth, is world famous for his specific, electronic music sound he established and enhanced over years. Nevertheless, the well -known Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany had to close end of 2012. But the spirit and the ideas survived and lead to a re-opening of this famous club under a new name, a new owner...moon13 - Re-opening of a famous club in Frankfurt

Grand Opening of the Mooch Bar in Birmingham, UK

11 Grand Opening Mooch Bar Birmingham
To celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Mooch Bar in Birmingham UK, AC Lasers and Laserworld got the chance to advertise for this event via laser projection with a RTI PIKO14.0 from the top of the building and 3 SwissLas PL-6000RGB (inside). These pictures were taken from a 200m distance in daylight and night time in a busy city. Many thanks to AC Lasers for this reference!...Grand Opening of the Mooch Bar in Birmingham, UK

Laser Show @ Luminar – DJ of the Year Finals, Nottingham, UK 2013

12 Luminar Dj Of The Year
"Luminar - DJ of the Year" Finals at Oceana in Nottingham - Feb 2013.Used equipment: 2x PM-1800RGB 1x PS-9200RGB controlled by Pangolin Laser Show @ Luminar – DJ of the Year Finals,...

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