BlinkenBible - an interactive multimedia-based installation of the Bible in the culture capital year Ruhr 2010

There was the possibility to send a vers from the Bible including ones name to a skyscraper in Marl and watch the projection live on the internet!
A Laserworld Pro-5000G Laser as well as the Laserworld Showeditor Software 2009 were used.
Following you can see a video of the first five minutes of Wednesday, the 3rd February 2010:

The Bible is reckoned central written cultural assets of the Christians in the world. The project BlinkenBible joins high-tech and traditional written cultur in a worldwide useable interactive multimedia-based project.

In the year 2010 when RUHR will be one of the culture capitals of Europe, verses of the Bible including the names of the sender shall appear at a skyscraper of the Kreissparkasse in Marl (Bergstrasse) at ten evenings in the darkness for several hours. The text will be projected as ticker with a high-power laser on the windowless face of building which is eleven floors high. The name of the sender and his location can be added. You can see the transmission in the local environment of the skyscraper as well as worldwide in the internet via webcam.

The multimedia-based project will run two times:

  • 02.-06. February 2010>20.00 h - 24.00 h (local time)
  • 14.-16. April 2010 >21.00 h - 22.30 h (local time)
    location: Kreissparkasse Marl, Bergstrasse, 45770 Marl (Germany)

Further records of the first week can be seen here:

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