Show Laser Light Applications in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland)

Scandinavia geographically denotes the Scandinavian Peninsula and consists of Norway and Sweden; historically and culturally also Denmark belongs to Scandinavia. If we refer to Scandinavia the term often includes Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, that are associates historically with the three Scandinavian countries.

Laser Light in Scandinavia

Although Scandinavia has got it's own, quasi "natural lasershow" with the aurora borealis during the winter months, the demand for show laser systems in the Scandinavian countries grows. Laserworld and its partners and clients already did some awesome lasershows there, some examples: the Electronic Festival in Aarhus - Elektronik III Ridehuset, Denmark, the Birkerod event in Denmark or several events in Sweden.

In 2014 the Song Contest will take place in Denmark (the Contest took place in Scandinavia many times). Music events like the ESC often use laser light shows that perfectly fit to the music. The laser beams intensify the effect of the music and laser graphics in the background may underline the song and its topic perfectly.
Numerous festivals are celebrated in the Scandinavian countries during the year. A huge event is the Copenhagen Carnival in May that was inspired by the famous Carnival in Rio but at the same time is a world music festival with seven stages - a perfect locality for a laser light show. As the sun does not rise for some days or months during the polar night, it is even possible to implement outdoor lasershows in the middle of the day.


Lasershow in Scandinavia:

Lasershows in Scandinavia could support:

  • Olympic Games
  • Olympic Winter Games
  • World Championship
  • Athletics Championship
  • Football Game
  • Football World Cup
  • Sporting events
  • Inauguration
  • Crowning ceremony / Coronation
  • Song Contest
  • Concert
  • Parade
  • Festival

All this kind of events can perfectly be accompaigned by lasershow or other laser display applications.

If you plan a laser or multimedia show in the Scandinavian region, please contact us: [email protected]. Besides laser rental we also offer complete laser show implementation and realization.


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