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One random project of our portfolio

  • Christmas Multimedia Show in Madrid

    Christmas Multimedia Show in Madrid
    LM Productions did an overwhelming Christmas multimedia show in Madrid / Spain. Hundreds of spectators were fascinated by a perfect combination of sound, light, video projections and laser beams. They have used 2 RTI Nano Rainbow 20, 2 RTI Piko RGB...
    Read more ...

Show laser manufacturing

The manufacturing of show laser systems was the initial core business of Laserworld. After having produced many different product ranges in-house during the past years, Laserworld shifted some parts of the production to the subsidiary RTI and the contracted partner SwissLas. The major focus of the Laserworld branded products is on the low end market.
Especially for these low priced systems it is extremely important to have own production structures and a 100% quality control. Of course it is essential to conduct own product developments to separate from other products in the market, that were developed in other countries.

See the websites of the manufactoring Laserworld Group members:

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S1310019 web

S1310030 web

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S1310016 web

Product development

Laserworld is specialized in show laser systems. To ensure a stable and high quality it is essential to be involved in the whole creation process of a product. That's why Laserworld has got an own product development department, that strives to generate new technologies and solutions. Continuous market analyses lead to products, manufactured according to the customers' requirements.
The Laserworld development department not only consists of technicians but also of economy experts and product designers. To ensure a good product usability, we also involve certain customers in our product development process.
The feedback of customers, the experiences out of our quality control lines and the new developments lead to continuous improvements of our product portfolio and a high quality level.

The Laserworld development department not only defines the product specifications and layout of Laserworld branded products, but is likewise responsible for the development of RTI and SwissLas branded products.

As Laserworld provides different other products that are related to show laser apart from show laser systems of own (or subsidiary) production lines, it is important to have a high quality standard for those products as well. The development department of Laserworld periodically tests all third-party products in the portfolio and gives feedback to the suppliers. If necessary, Laserworld managers conduct a detailed supplier consultancy program to improve the product quality level.

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product development

Global show laser sales

One core business area of Laserworld has always been the global show laser sales. The global sales network of distribution partners and dealers sells Laserworld products to the whole world.
Laserworld only does B2B sales, we only sell to commercial buyers.
Our offices in Shenzhen (China), New York (USA) and Manchester (UK) enable us to provide close customer service and consultancy all around the world. In addition to these subsidiaries Laserworld has got a big network of contracted partners that deal with specific markets, like Germany or Russia.
To be able to support more customers in their respective mother language, Laserworld has a skilled sales team with several foreign language speakers. Thus we can reach out to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, German and English speaking clients.

Visit our US website:
Visit our Chinese website:

See our international sales contacts: >>> Sales team >>>

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After sales services

To help customers in need of repairs or after sales services (which is a rare case), Laserworld has established several service points around the world: One in Shenzhen (China), one in New York (USA), one in Leipzig (Germany) and one at the headquartes in Lengwil (Switzerland). These service points not only provide repair services for show laser systems in general (not only for our own products), but they also cleaning and alignment services.
We hold a huge stock of spare parts in Germany and Switzerland to conduct quick services and repairs - especially for the smaller units.

S1220011 web

Global show laser rental

Since the end of 2011 Laserworld holds a huge stock of show laser rental units, that is continuously extended. Since the end of 2012 additional stocks of show laser rental units have been taken at Laserworld's New York office as well as at the Chinese premises in Shenzhen. Thus we are able to supply the American and the Asian market at short notice and at low costs with show laser sytems up to 45W RGB and up to 72W single green.
Of course we still have the core rental stock at our Swiss headquarters from where it is very easy to ship worldwide.
Our German customers can be served directly from a German stock, that mainly focusses power ranges between 1.5W and 14W RGB power.

See details about our rental pool here: >>> Laserworld show laser rental >>>

Tel.:    +41 (0)71/67780-90
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Multimedia project planning

Since Laserworld serves the high power show laser market with the RTI products, more and more demand for multimedia shows in combination with lasers shows up. To handle the increasing number of requests for these kind of applications, Laserworld has established a strong network of contracted partners which have got many years' experience. Together with the show laser experts of Laserworld and RTI these partners plan amazing multimedia spectacles and integrate show laser solutions in a very emotionalizing, catching way.
The planning process usually starts with an initial idea and leads to a first visualization.
It is most important for us to integrate the customer in the whole process of generating the overall idea behind the project. The results can be shown in an early state through visualizations and graphics. This makes it easy for the customer to decide which solution to go for.
Laserworld is not only limited to show laser projects, but also involves sound, lighting, video and pyrotechnics experts in the whole planning process (we also have in-house experts for all these fields of applications).

See some more details about our project works: >>> Multimedia projects >>>

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Multimedia project implementations

After the planning process of a multimedia show Laserworld and it's partners are also able to take over the whole project implementation: Skilled experts pre-produce the show and later work on site to implement the concept in very short time. Laserworld has got own show- and production experts but also involves other professionals from the partner network to provide extraordinary solutions.
We take care for the professional implementation of sound, lighting, video and pyrotechnical effects, so the whole project can be taken over as turn key solution.

See some more details about our project works: >>> Multimedia projects >>>

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ukraine fountain emf

Laser installations

Show laser technology differs considerably from conventional lighting solutions. That's why some customers ask for installation services for their laser systems. Of course Laserworld has a skilled team to conduct show laser installation work on-site - everywhere in the world! It is also possible to book on-site software trainings and laser operations guidance.

See some more details about our installation works: >>> Show laser installations >>>

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Laser show service

Professional laser shows are not easy to create - especially if several output channels need to be considered. Laserworld has got a pool of skilled laser show programmers that are able to provide all different kinds of laser shows. They are familiar with the most common show laser software programs like Pangolin, Phoenix or DSP and have got many years' experience.
Wheter short intro shows for a nightclub or large multimedia installations: Our programmers provide beautiful, convincing designs.
Of course it is also possible to have an operator on site that builds up the show laser setup and runs the show. This full service can be provided as turn key solution.

See some more details about our lasershow services: >>> Lasershow services >>>




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Show laser light and laser show

Buy Show Laser Light Systems

Laserworld is the world leader in the field of manufacturing and distribution of show laser light systems. The product portfolio ranges from small, entry level laser light systems (effect lasers, club lasers, party lasers) up to high end professional lasers. Every product and product series targets a certain customer group, so the laser systems in the Laserworld product portfolio complement each other, which results in heterogeneous customer groups: musical equipment retail stores, music stores as well as nightclubs, amusement parks, rental and production companies are just a small extract of them.
Laserworld runs an online store for show laser light systems. It is possible to buy laser light systems directly there or purchase them at one of our countless distribution partners. Commercial customers are encouraged to register as dealer.

Rent Laser Systems

It does not always make sense to buy, but to rent laser show systems. Laserworld holds a large stock of laser systems for rent.. The rental laser systems are available for worldwide shipping and can also be rented together with professional laser operators. We only rent out high professional laser show equipment, mainly built by RTI. So products of the Piko, Nano and NEO Series are available. And of course we offer Laserworld Showeditor, Pangolin and Lasergraph DSPlaser show control systems for rent as well.
Laserworld holds larger stock of RGB white light laser systems with 10W and more. The online rental price list helps in selecting the right laser for rental and helps to calculate the rental price. It is also possible to select laser accessories for rent, such as haze machines, smoke machines or MIDI controllers.

Laser Show Production

Long year experience of our laser show staff and many references from past laser show and multi- media show projects make the Laserworld Group the right partner for any type of laser show production or laser show project. No matter if it’s a fixed installation of laser systems or multi-media projections, or if it’s a temporary show: Our experts help in laser show planning, design, on-site implementation and laser show production. We offer turn-key multi-media show solutions as well as Laser Show productions in part or embedded to other show productions, like it happens at big stage shows, festivals or concerts. Time-coded, pre-synchronized shows can be done as well as live laser shows: We have experts for both types, they can handle even extremely complex synchronization scenarios.
It is also possible to do small-scale laser shows for little money: Just tell us about your plans for your laser show and we help you in specifying a show that meets the show budget.

Laser Show References

Many references of our laser shows and multi-media shows accumulated over the past years, so we documented them in pictures and videos in our references section. Of course, these references only show a small part of the laser shows and multi-media shows we have done throughout the years, as many of our customers did not want us to show their project in our references – mainly as these were commercial laser applications or corporate laser shows, which were not meant to be publicly shown. Nevertheless we prepared a good number of references, and we keep on adding more.
The members of the Laserworld Group did laser shows and multi-media projects at many different occasions and for many different applications. Most common places laser shows are displayed at nightclubs, festivals, amusement parks and at corporate shows. Also many famous artists and musicians rely on laser show and multi-media support for their stage shows. Besides that, outdoor lasers (e.g. as sky laser), lasers for product presentations or lasers for other large scale events are more applications where our laser show systems are used.

Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand Garden StarDistributed Brand SparkBlasterDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherentDistributed Brand wireless solutionsDistributed Brand Spider Laser Game

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