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Laser Projectors FAQ

How is laser power specified in Laserworld projectors?

Laserworld always specifies power directly at the laser source. This is done due to the fact that optical elements, like dichroic filters, polirization cubes or the front glass deflect light differently and may get dirty as well. As Laserworld guarantees the minimum specified power value given for their projectors directly at the laser source, customers may claim if the values are not met. In...

How do laser lights create different colors?

With a fullcolor solid state laser, (at least) three different laser modules are used together. White light as well as mixed colors are generated by the additive color mixture of red, green and blue (like e.g. the TV set). Color shades are produced with the partial switch-off or the dimming of single colors, which is so called "analog modulation".To increase output power or to create a larger or...

Why does Laserworld give minimum and maximum values for their show lasers?

It is physically not possible to give exact power values of show lasers, as several factors influence the power. Especially DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser modules are quite sensitive to exterior influences like temperature and excessive shock.  DPSS modules consist mainly of three sections: - a pump energy source (where there may be slight differences in power), - a resonation area...

Why do we have condensation inside our laser device?

Professional laser systems usually have cooling/heating elements built inside the projector. Although these are meant for keeping the laser modules at operation temperature, the climate inside the laser device needs to be quite balanced.If you place a laser projector next to a fog machine or next to the air condition outlet (or even to the normal ventilation system) there may be a condensation...

I want to terminate the laser beam after about two metres, like the lightsabers in Star Wars. How can I do that?

It is not possible to create lightsaber like effects: You cannot "terminate" the laser beam somewhere, it can physically not be terminated without having an end-point (surface). Light can not be ended somewhere, it can only "fade out", meaning intensity is reduced with greater distances. But this is of course not feasible for a lightsaber. Please also read the FAQ regarding projection surfaces

What is the difference between 655/650nm and 638nm red?

Professional diode laser systems are usually equipped with 638nm red diodes. These have a very good visible red color and can be proper collimated to good beam shapes. The handling of these kind of diodes is quite tricky, especially if there is the need of combining more than two diodes. We use this diode type in our professional laser systems. Most Chinese manufacturers are not able to handle...

"Grating effect" - what is this?

A grating effect is an optical deflection grid, that multiplies the input rays. E.g. if you shoot a single laser beam to the grating, you get kind of a star effect (burst grating) or a "dotted line" (line grating) on the other side. Every color spectrum is deflected in a different way, so if you have a multi color input, you get the colors split up as well. That's why it is physically not...

What does a dichroic filter in a laser projector?

The dichoic filter is used in an multi color laser system for combining the single colors to one beam. The dichroic filter deflects a certain color spectrum, whereas it lets pass others. Due to that it is possible to have e.g. a red and a green laser source, that is combined: The green light heads straight to the scanner mirrors, whereas the red source is placed 90° to the green beam. With the...

What blue color is best visible - 405nm, 445nm or 473nm?

In terms of visibility, the Nanometre values that are nearer to 550nm are better than values farer away. Please see the visibility curve below:>>> read more and see chart >>>

My laser is only some months old and the beam gets a halo more and more. Is it defective?

Most probably not. The halo-effect normally occurs when the optics are not properly clean. You need to regularly clean you laser device, especially the optics, to ensure best output quality together with long lifetime of the unit. Dirt and dust inside the laser enclosure may lead to overheating or mechanical failure, so you need to regularly clean the device. If you have one of our professional...

Is your laser control software Apple / Mac compatible?

Phoenix Showcontroller and Pangolin do not run on MAC / Apple OSx. However, it is possible to operate all software products, that we offer, in a Windows emulated environment on Mac systems. There are several technical limitations that make it tricky to just switch existing software solutions to Mac OS ( e.g. deep integration with DirectX or OpenGL and similar Windows APIs).

I need to do a huge and complex graphics projection. I fear that even the fastest CT-6215HP scanners will not be able to manage it. What can I do?

We already did many projects like that and it is quite similar to video projections: If you need to cover a larger space, you combine several projectors. It's the same with lasers: You can split-up the graphics in several parts, that can be handled by different laser projectors then.Please ask if you need support in doing such kind of split-up projections. It's not too tricky, but in fact needs...

I got a brand new laser, but it doesn't work. What shall I do?

Before calling your vendor our our service line, please check the following points: - do you use the right operation voltage? - is the environmental temperature not below 10°C? - is the interlock connector plugged in (if there is a interlock connector, of course)? - is the key switch turned to "on"? - if there is a mechanical shutter: is it moved aside? - doese the laser only not work in one...

How is the ILDA connector pinout?

A common interface is used in showlaser industry to operate laser projectors by computer control. As interface the DB-25 connector is used, as the signal transmission is done in a parallel transmission. The signal transmission itself does not use a modern protocol type, like used e.g. in ethernet networks or other serial transmission types, but it is a very low-level transmission that only...

How does the interlock work in Laserworld projectors?

The interlock is a safety option in laser projectors to provide a proper option to connect a safety shut-off button to the laser. The connector used with all Laserworld systems is a D-sub (DE-9) standard connector, with a quite simple pinout: If pin 1 and 2 are linked, the laser output is active. If there is no connection between pin 1 and 2, the output is interrupted. All projectors have a...

What differences are there between optical effects and scanners?

Optical effects are created by using a certain glass/mirror structure mith micro structures, that deflect or manipulate one laser beam hitting the optical component, so that a special effect is generated. Optical effects are e.g. burst grating, line grating, shot beams, etc.Also the glass gobos in the Proline Series are optical effects.The advantage of optical effects in contrast to normal...

How can I evaluate the quality of a scanner system?

The quality of a scanner system (galvo system) is not easy to determine. The scan speed is only one factor that needs to be respected: There are very huge differences between a good 50kpps and a bad 50kpps system. A very important factor is the angle stability of the system, meaning how precise the system works if the scan angle is widened up. If the scanner is properly centered aligned, the...

Does Laserworld also sell a white light star effect?

YES, the Laserworld GS-400RGB-W WHITE STAR is a white light star effect laser, and can even do more different color shades. For professional applications, the tarm DOT is the right choice for doing white light or multi color star effects projections without the use of scanning systems - and thus flicker-free.

Are laser beams visible even without haze and fog?

You always need a surface to reflect the laser light. This can be fog or haze for beam shows, or all kinds of screens for projections. Very common screen types are waterscreens, gauze screens, rear projection screens or fog screens.All 3D-like projections with lasers also need kind of a surface to be reflected on!It is not possible to create laser-sword like effects: You cannot "terminate" the...

Are there also DMX capable show laser systems with Master/Slave mode?

Many of our showlaser systems are equipped with quite versatile preset boards, that provide a basic functionality for operation in Music, Auto and DMX mode. To have the option of Master/Slave operation it is essential, that the units connected can act as transmitter and receiver of DMX512 control signals: The Master unit acts like a DMX controller and sends the control signal to the Slave...

Can you link different lasers with DMX cables to forward the ILDA signal of the first unit?

Of course not: DMX and ILDA are very different types of transmission protocols. DMX is very limited in its capabilities, so it's not suitable for any complex signal transmissions.If you work in ILDA mode, you can only use the ILDA signal. DMX is deactivated at the laser devices as soon as an ILDA signal is available.Please see also the explanations of the ILDA and DMX signals in the FAQs above.

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