New laser show software release - Laserworld Showeditor 2015

The Laserworld Showeditor software has been in the market for quite some time until it has been discontinued in 2012. Now, in 2015, there is a new, fresh version of Laserworld Showeditor available again. A lot has been improved - especially the manuals have been rewiorked from scratch and there are new video tutorials. The philosophy of Showeditor is different to some of the other laser software programs in the market, but this has several advantages.
The software is not a beta release, it is fully grown and has been developed over the past years. It is continuously improved. The past versions of Showeditor came with a USB interface - the Showeditor 2015 comes standard with the ShowNET interface - a LAN/network interface with playback feature. The LAN connection helps a lot if it comes to longer wiring distances, where the ILDA cable is pretty limited.

It's a great choice for live laser shows as well as for timeline laser shows - both show types can be handled with Laserworld Showeditor. Touch screens are supported, so using the live show interface with a touch screen allows for very easy show control. And of course it's possible to use a MIDI or DMX controller for remote controlling the software.
I suggest to check out the software:
here is also a support forum on that page, where questions and problems arediscussed and solutions are published.

In general it is strongly recommended to have a closer look at the tutorials and videos before you try to getting started:


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