"Gewerbe-Apéro der Gemeinde Lengwil" - Business get-together of the Community of Lengwil

On 21.11.2014, we hosted the "Gewerbe-Apéro" at our headquarters. This event is a get-together for all businesspeople in the Community of Lengwil. This year, Laserworld presented the company and the laser industry, and of course showcased their products in the showroom. Many people were interested, as the Laserworld headquarters is right next to the most important connection road to Kreuzlingen and Constance, so that many people of Lengwil pass by the office building every day - and many of them were wondering what kind of company Laserworld is: Many people remember our high power long distance projections over Lake Constance (see here: https://www.laserworld.com/en/references/outdoor/518-beamsessionlakeconstance.html and here: https://www.laserworld.com/en/references/large-events/655-outdoor-laser-beamsession-ii-v1-december-2012-constance-germany.html) and they see people working from early morning to very late night in the building - so people were very keen on getting to know what happens here.

I had very interesting conversations, so did my colleagues, and some new potential business relationships arised. Thanks again for the Community of Lengwil for the support and arrangement of this get-together!

Some pictures:

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