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Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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The first samples of the new Scannermax Compact 506 were already shown to me last year, and the performance looked already very promising at that time. Pangolin improved the ScannerMax since then and our RTI and SwissLas drivers can even get more out of them. As the integration with our drivers was so successful, we decided to offer the Pangolin ScannerMax as upgrade options for most of our SwissLas lasers as well as for many RTI products.

The Pangolin ScannerMax are a good compromise, if you want better performance than the standard scanners, but don't need the high end solution like with CT scanners.

We added some more explanation of these new scanners to Pangolin Europe:


The past weeks were very busy: We launched the new website with a new shop system and we did the same for our US subsidiary, Laserworld USA ( Our US office moved to a bigger building, next to Orlando, with bigger storage, so orders can be processed eben more efficiently.
In addition to that, we improved our Pangolin-Europe Website ( and added improved shopping features to it - the same for Pangolin India (

And of course the new launch of the Diode Series resulted in a good increase in requests, so the sales team as well as the production  did some extra work - thanks for that!
There are more news for the Diode Series upcoming, so stay tuned for more news!

The "Europäische Sommerlounge" (engl: European Summer Lounge) takes place in Pforzheim (near Stuttgart) every year. Laserworld supported this event in the past with laser shows and we'd like to give you a heads up on what to expect there this year. As the event takes place in Germany, let's continue in German:

Die Europäische Sommerlounge ist eine Art Festival, das im Schlosspark Pforzheims stattfindet und in die Stadkulisse integriert ist. Das Angebot umfasst nicht nur musikalische Darbietungen verschiedener Genres, sondern auch Poetry Slams, Improvisationstheater und Kurzfilmdarbietungen der Filmakademie.
Die Europäische Sommerlounge spricht Besucher jeden Alters an und dürfte für Pforzheim auch in 2014 wieder ein Highlight werden.

Die Europäische Sommerlounge findet dieses Jahr statt

vom 10.-13.07.2014
im Schlosspark Pforzheim

Laserworld frequently offers Laser Safety Trainings in Germany and Switzerland to train Laser Safety Officers. As this topic only aims towards our German speaking audience, I'll continue in German:

Laserschutzbeauftragter Kurs - Seminar - Training

Mit der Zahl der verkauften Geräte steigt auch dei Nachfrage nach Kursen zur Erlangung der Fachkenntnis nach BGV-B2 zum Laserschutzbeauftragen. Deshalb bieten wir wieder eine Reihe von Kursen und Seminaren im ganzen Bundesgebiet an. Auch unseren Schweizer Kunden kann ich, obwohl der Laserschutzbeauftragte dort nicht zwingend gefordert, die Teilnahme wärmstens empfehlen - lernt man bei unseren Kursen doch nicht nur die gesetzlichen Regelungen und physikalischen Grundlagen, sondern auch Anwendungsfälle aus der Praxis. Auch Tips zum sicheren Arbeiten am Gerät werden gegeben, und auch der generelle Aufbau eines Showlasersystems wird am offenen Gerät erläutert.

Hier die aktuellen Laserschutz Kurs Termine (die Daten sollten immer automatisch aktuell bleiben):

With launch of the new webshop several new features have been integrated. A good number of datafeeds are available that ease product listings on websites a lot. Distribution partners can use them to get all relevant product data - including pictures and the link to the video - through these datafeeds. We offer CSV feeds (for easy reading by humans) and XML feeds for seamless hook-up to IT systems. I suggest to use the XML feed for any automated handling, as we may add some more data to the feeds in the future. With CSV files, the columns may change, so XML is the easier way.
We provide the very feed links on request. If you want to use them for integration to your online shop system, please ask your key account sales manager for assistance.
There weren't many news from my end for a while here, but there was an obvious reason for that: As you already may have seen, we set up a new website with new design, layout and user interface. Besides that, we made major improvements to teh shopping interface on our site: With implementing a completely new webshop backend it's now possible to provide even more structured, easy accessible information. Maybe you already saw the section "Sets & Bundles": this is where we want to provide you some bundles of well-fitting products as well as starter packages for retailers that want to start with selling our products. At teh moment there are only few bundles listed, but there will be many more added within the next weeks.
Several other areas of the website are just about to be extended and filled with more content for you. You're welcome to mail us your user experience and also make suggestions for improvements. We're always happy to get to know how to serve you even better.
Fabio won a Laserworld CS-4000RGB in 2013 when Laserworld did a photo contest. We met him several times since then, he is very fond of his CS-4000RGB and frequently supplies us with the latest news about him and his laser. So it's great to see what he is capable to do already  - will this be the next generation of laser enthusiasts?

Fraud Alert:

At present, a company called "DJ Pointeuropa", owned by Mr Sascha Reininghaus, sometimes also mentioned as Sascha Peter Reininghaus, tries to sell products on Amazon Marketplace, and maybe also on other online platforms. Amongst these products there are also Laserworld Lasers. Please be aware that we refused him (already some years ago) the right to use brand names, product pictures or any other content provided by us. He is not allowed to sell any of our products, as it is likely that the use may be used for fraudulent aktivities.
Please be warned that Mr Sascha Reininghaus (he was also active with a company called "Space Star Showtechnik" in the past) did some significant defalcations in the past and not only owes money to Laserworld (Switzerland) AG but also to other companies in our industry.
We explicitly warn every business partner to be very careful about this. Searches on the internet provide more background about the person mentioned above.

The actual registration seems to be:

Sascha Peter Reininghaus
ul.Kotlowskiego 74
84200 Pomorskie



Momentan bietet eine Firma namens "DJ Pointeuropa", betrieben von Herrn Sascha Reininghaus, manchmal auch unter Sascha Peter Reininghaus benannt, verschiedene Produkte auf dem Amazon Marketplace, möglicherweise auch auf anderen Plattformen an. Unter diesen angebotenen produkten befinden sich vermeintlich auch Laserworld Laser. Bitte beachten Sie dass wir ihm bereits vor einigen Jahren die Nutzungsrechte für Marken, Bildmaterial, Texte, etc. entzogen haben. Es ist ihm daher nicht erlaubt unsere Produkte zu vertreiben, da befürchtet werden muss, dass er dies für weitere betrügerische Aktivitäten ausnutzen wird.
Wir warnen Sie ausdrücklich und weisen Sie darauf hin, dass Herr Sascha Reininghaus, der auch die Firma "Space Star Showtechnik" betrieb/betriebt,  in der Vergangenheit einige Unterschlagungen begangen hat und nicht nur der Laserworld (Switzerland) AG, sondern auch mehreren anderen Unternehmen in der Veranstaltungstechnik-Branche Geld schuldet.
Wir warnen daher jeden unserer Geschäftspartner ausdrücklich! Eine Suche im Internet bietet weitere Hintergrundinformationen zur oben genannten Person.

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