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Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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We implemented a new comment feature to our website a couple of days ago. Of course this option is not available on every single page, but in some areas it is available now. I encourage you to post your comments there, so the visitors of our website as well as we ourselves can see your feedback.
On 21.11.2014, we hosted the "Gewerbe-Apéro" at our headquarters. This event is a get-together for all businesspeople in the Community of Lengwil. This year, Laserworld presented the company and the laser industry, and of course showcased their products in the showroom. Many people were interested, as the Laserworld headquarters is right next to the most important connection road to Kreuzlingen and Constance, so that many people of Lengwil pass by the office building every day - and many of them were wondering what kind of company Laserworld is: Many people remember our high power long distance projections over Lake Constance (see here: and here: and they see people working from early morning to very late night in the building - so people were very keen on getting to know what happens here.

I had very interesting conversations, so did my colleagues, and some new potential business relationships arised. Thanks again for the Community of Lengwil for the support and arrangement of this get-together!

Some pictures:

gemeindeapero web02gemeindeapero web04

gemeindeapero web07gemeindeapero web11
The price development of show laser light systems is an interesting thing: Within only a few years the prices for show laser light declined rapidly and the lasers became affordable to a mass market. A completely new generation of laser enthusiasts and companies that earn their living with laser and light shows aroused. The changes in technology cam rapidly and impacted the existing laser show market really hard: Companies that relied on gas laser systems needed to switch their mind and others that were used to add extremely high margins to their systems lost their competitiveness within a few months only. This all happened when the affordable, small laser light systems came to the market. Laserworld was amongst the first brands that were recognized in the market with small, well-priced laser light systems. Laserworld skipped the gas laser era and started their business with solid state show laser light systems: Simple DPSS laser light sources were used, but very soon after the first steps things moved to multi-color show laser lights.

I thought that the 1W RGB laser light systems would be a good base for comparison, so I drew a small chart showing the price development of the smallest, analogue modulated RGB white light system, that was available from Laserworld in the very year (except the gas laser system – which is included for comparison purposes only). Data source are the historic price lists of Laserworld and my experience. Prices shown are net retail prices, so of course dealer pricing was better – at least for products from 2009 on. For gas laser systems there wasn’t that much discount in the past.

One more thing to mention is that the show laser light systems also grew in technology – and thus in visibility: Whereas the gas laser system in 2005 still was a massive apparatus with water cooling and enormous power consumption, the smaller solid state laser light systems that were offered by Laserworld didn’t have these disadvantages any more – they were all air cooled devices. The first solid state RGB white light laser systems were usually equipped with green and blue DPSS lasers (where blue was at 473nm – so more a cyan color), and red already was created with diode laser sources (however, there were also DPSS red laser solutions in use).With the development of the 637nm red diodes, the price per diode raised again, but the visibility was much better, so were the beam specifications. That’s why this color spectrum took over for the entry-level semi-pro systems. Soon afterwards the DPSS 473nm cyan-blue DPSS were substituted with 410nm ultra-dark blue lasers, but this era didn’t last long, as very soon the 445nm royal blue diodes became very much cheaper and thus took over as standard blue laser source in modern show laser light systems. The blue diode lasers were developed further, so they now run at 450nm, but the general technology behind is the same.

The chart above shows the price development of a low level 1W RGB white light show laser light system, however the development of the possible overall laser powers per show laser light projector increased a lot through the years. Nowadays more than 110W white balanced RGB laser light is possible, even for graphics projections, and there is more to be expected very soon. Laserworld and their subsidiaries continuously drive the product and technology development – some great new steps to further milestones in laser light development are to be expected.
That was great: The #DJVan, a modified Mercedes-Benz V-Class, won the Mercedes-Benz Sema Las Vegas 2014 Custom Van Competition. Congratulations to the team of RENNtech USA!
RENNtech used two Laserworld DS-1800RGB lasers as special effect and well-integrated them into the elevatable DJ booth in the rear part of the van.

See some reference pictures here: DJ Van at SEMA Show 2014 - Mercedes-Benz Custom Van Competition

Here is the trophy:
DJVan-award-0001 smallDJVan-award-0002 smallDJVan-award-0003 small

The Russian show laser light market is very special and it seems to be influenced by many cheap products of questionable quality in the low end range. It seems that many companies have not yet recognized that quality products in the medium to high end product range, that are Made in Germany or Switzerland (Western-Europe!) can be even more competitive in pricing and of course in quality.

Our goal was to showcase our quality products there as well as to find more partners in Russia. The exhibition was very interesting, but also showed some specialties of the market. I’m quite confident that Laserworld can increase their business in Russia.

The exhibition in Moscow was the first common exhibition of the Laserworld Group with HB-Laser as member. A Russian colleague from the HB-Laser team supported the Laserworld staff on site in Moscow.

Very interesting show and I met many partners and friends:
Laserworld attended the BPM Show already in the past years. This year the show was extended by a PRO part, meaning that manufacturers and B2B distribution companies also got a space to showcase their products and solution. Whereas the BPM Show originally was only a DJ exhibition, the addition of the PRO part (first year for PRO Show) extended the audience and provides the DJs a broader impression of the entertainment technology industry. The BPM & PRO Show took place from 13.-15.09.2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.

The number of visitors was impressive, and so was the number of well-established brands that exhibited. Laserworld did a spectacular laser show that was similar to the big one shown at Prolight&Sound in Frankfurt this year.

To set an additional visual impact, a RTI PIKO G20 was set up to send high power beams through the hall. To be able to even cover the opposite direction, several beam mirrors were used to deflect the beams. Some beam mirrors were also placed at the booth of our new partner Leisuretec.

The BPM Show is quite famous amongst DJs, so many B2C companies also exhibit at that show. This lead to us having 9 partners in the halls that either directly sold Laserworld products or had them on display.
There are many interesting things and new product ranges upcoming, but we already started to grow our webshop: The Components that were listed on till now, are integrated to our main shop. This makes it easier to navigate. As there will be more components available very soon, this was an important step for us to become your one-stop supplier for all (show) laser related products.

There are Laserworld, RTI and SwissLas components available for now, but more HB-Laser components will follow very soon. Come back in some days and you'll see more accessories, more components and more multi media items.

We also extended our stock, so even more products are available off the shelf - just have a look around:

Laser Components:
We just set up a dealer area for our dealers & distribution partners. Go to our webshop ( and log in with your customer data. Then a new menu item shows up ("dealer"). In this area we already provide the dwnload of our picture kit as well as information on our product data feeds. There is much more dealer info to come very soon, I'll keep you updated here. We'll soon add logos, artwork and templates.

If you're already logged in you may directly access the dealer area here:
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