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Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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This is special: The new tarm two is an awesome product. Not only is it very powerful (specified at 2.5W after aperture, I measured 2.7W RGB), but it also comes with professional, fast scanning for precise graphics projections. The whole enclosure is built of aluminium ans is extremely rugged.
The tarm two is definitely woth a closer look. Even though it is meant as substitution for the smaller RTI ATTO units, the price is extremely low.
It's suitable for nightclub installations, mobile use, rental and professional productions - nearly any kind of laser show application can be done with the tarm two.

As there were questions in social media about the white balance: For what I have tested, the white balance of the tarm two is great! Even though it is possible to individually adjust the color balance with the trim pots on the back of the laser system.

tarm two fr web


So I did some wedding laser show recently and thought that some of you might be interested in seeing some background details on how this can be done. So I took some short video and explained the general setup. I hope that the importance of haze and fog becomes clear from this video - there were three lasers, but 6 fog or haze machines, and we could have used even more.
So watch out when doing an outdoor laser show: Always make sure to have sufficient fog and haze and then take at least 2 extra fog machines ;-) .

Oh, by the way: I used the Laserworld Showeditor for doing this show, as the LAN connection really eased up the whole setup. So it was one fully licensed ShoweditorShowNET in place, and another ShowNET interface as Slave (the satellites were run x-axis mirrored and wired with standard ILDA cable). So the whole laser show control software solution (LAN, two interfaces) was at a price point below 500 € (at current pricing seen in different online stores).


That is really crazy: More than 260 free laser shows available for Laserworld Showeditor!

Have a look at the free laser show collection!

I added two new calculators to the Laserworld Toolbox yeasterday: The NOHD calculator and the SZED flashblindness calculator. Both calculators can be used for determining safety distances for lasers, especially in aircraft safety context.

Sometimes authorities require the hazard distance values for sky-laser outdoor beams, and these two are the most common ones.


The tarm HD uses special Coherent Taipan OPSL HD laser sources, which have excellent beam specifications - 3mm / 0.25mrad in full angle!. Together with the other tarm components the tarm HD laser system becomes a spectacular unit. I personally like the effectswheel with the rotating glass effect very much - in combination with the extremely prceise beam, these effects work out very well even on long-throw distance. See the tarm HD video:

#tarm #laserworld #lasershow #coherent #taipan #opsl


With the new licensing model for the Lasergraph DSP the well-established, high professional laser control system becomes more affordable: Units licensed as low-priced playback units become full-feature Lasergraph DSP units wehn a "Licensor" licensed unit is added to the network. This allows for the creation of large and affordable laser control setups.

Infograph Lasergraph DSP new licensing model

Find more details here:


Like every year, Ozzy Lino attended Prolight & Sound and also stopped by at our booth. We had some drinks together, in the picture below some "Sweet RGB Dreams":

Ozzy Lino at Prolight&Sound Musikmesse 2016, tube performance

And about two hours later, Ozzy Lino jammed with two ladies in the tube / subway on his way back to the hotel - and bang! - went viral on youtube!
Great voice and a really nice guy!

Great one, #OzzyLino! 

However, the video is wrong in one point: He was not at Musikmesse, but at Prolight&Sound :-)

See you there next year!

Visit Ozzy Lino here:

#subwaysession #subwayjam #tubesession #tubejam

Ozzy Lino at Laserworld


The CS-2000RGB has been a great selling product for many years. I frequently used it for testing purposes, although I do have access to much more professional unit. In fact, I liked the straigh-forward setup and the balance - and it was well suitable for testing purposes, as it was super low priced - so if testing lead to destroyed scanners or some messed up diodes, the fix was affordable.
A new chapter opens with the new CS-2000RGB MKII: It's analog modulated, and this makes the whole unit much greater as it already was: With the anlog modulation, up to 16 million colors become possible.
But this is only one reason why I definitely appreciate the new version. Another one is the mounting bracket: With the new solution, the laser can be mounted in an upright position on top of a tripod (e.g. using a TV pin/spigotm, which is awesome if you use the laser mobile.

cs 2000mkii fr

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