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Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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This only applies to the US market:

As there has been some irritation recently, this is the official statement of Laserworld's CEO Martin Werner regarding the FDA / CDRH communication dated 07.Nov, 2017 regarding Laserworld and Ray Technologies:

Logo CDRH info large

Extraordinary projects require extraordinary solutions. Ray technologies (RTI) set a new milestone in terms ofoverall laser power in a full color pure diode laser system: The RTI NANO RGB 100 with scanning system was only possible due to RTI's advanced knife-edge-combination technology that allows for even more precise modules with even more power per source color.
Ca. 30W 638nm red, ca. 40W 520nm green and cs. 45W 450+462nm blue match to an extremely powerful white beam, but also allow for full analog color modulation. Due to the scanners it is possible to deflect the beam and thus create high power beam fans, colorful rainbow effects and alike.

This extraordinary development has been done for an extraordinary large project in China.
The Laserworld Group and especially Ray Technologies GmbH is proud to be a part of this project.
As soon as the project is finished there will be more pictures and videos on here.

Have a glimpse at the RTI NANO RGB 100, the pictures have been taken during some final tests:

RTI NANO RGB 100 test 0001 small RTI NANO RGB 100 test 0002 small RTI NANO RGB 100 test 0003 small RTI NANO RGB 100 test 0004 small


The show laser industry has changed a lot over the past years: Soon after T. Mayman has built the first functional laser in 1960, several companies were founded that used lasers for laser display purposes, meaning utilizing laser systems that were primarily built for industrial purposes, to create visual laser displays. In these first days of the show laser industry the few people that dealt with the topic experimented a lot with this new technology and built their laser projection systems by themselves, often combining industrial laser parts. In those days, the companies building laser projection systems were also the ones doing laser shows with these systems – simply as the technology was so very new and as there were only very few market participants worldwide.

With the development of smaller, more compact laser systems this “special knowledge” of the few laserists in the market became more common and more people learned about doing laser shows, although they started buying laser systems from other companies.

With these small systems becoming very affordable, but more complex in technology, there happened a split within the show laser industry – which I think some market participants may not have recognized yet: The companies doing laser shows separated from to the ones building show laser light systems, which means the show laser industry has rather quickly split up in two industries – the “laser show industry” and the “show laser projector industry”.

This process started with laser product ranges for consumers entering the market around 2003 and resulted in above mentioned market segmentation slowly beginning around 2010, with Laserworld playing a decisive global role in this process.

Many of the well-known show laser companies from the “old days” have either disappeared, are in the process to do so or have been integrated to larger company structures (e.g. the Laserworld Group). Some of them successfully found a way to focus on certain niches in the market, moved to other related markets or focus the laser show part without manufacturing show laser systems by themselves any more.

The Laserworld Group is constantly growing and many companies have joined the Group structures over the past years – some Group memberships are public, like e.g. tarm, others are implemented but not communicated (yet) as to strategic reasons. There are several big names amongst the Laserworld Group companies and I’m looking forward to even further growth.

Better: Here they are: White light star effects could not be generated with conventional diffraction gratings, and thus simply were not available in the market. There was a solution for creating such an effect for professional laser users by simply scanning the single dots with a high professional scanning system, however these  projections were likely to flicker – latest when camera recordings were made, the effect didn’t come out as nicely as it could.

Laserworld launched two effect lasers that can do the same effect – a multi color whitelight star effect: One consumer-level system, the Laserworld GS-400RGB-W WHITE STAR, and the professional version with over 4W RGB power, the tarm DOT.

As this type of effect perfectly fits professional productions, the tarm DOT was concepted as multi-effect laser system, but with professional DMX control option. This allows for seamless integration to existing lighting rigs, which is an essential factor for productions (no extras for the SFX guys ;-) ).

Check out these fantastic products:

Laserworld GS -400RGB-W WHITE STAR

Tarm DOT

By the way: I have a GS WHITE STAR in my living room now … my wife wanted to just keep the first prototypes straight away J
PLS 2017 was fantastic – thank you everyone for stopping by! I had so many interesting and exciting conversations and I appreciate everyone’s positive response to the new products and features!

If you have missed out on the spectacular display of product capabilities with the projections on miniatures (OK, still up to 6m high) of the Yan’An temple, the Anaklia Bridge and the Al Bahr towers, have a look at our show recap videos and pictures!

Thanks to laserfabrik GmbH for the fantastic show production and project implementation, as well as to the bright GmbH for the conceptual ideas for the original projects.

Thanks to Karoline Hinz for the creation of the awesome models of buildings we used to project onto at our booth. It was a true challenge to create these large sculptures – from the artistic as well as of the craftsmanship point of view.

Thanks also to Johnathan Lewis, the DJ Tutor, for his extraordinary help and support and for his professional DJ sets during our stand parties in the evening. Thanks as well to Erik van Schijndel who joined in with DJing as well. Great job!

Here are some pictures and videos of our exhibition booth:

Here are some pictures and videos from the PRG stage where our laser systems have been used as well:

You can expect even more to happen in 2018!
The former Garden Series has been transformed to the new Garden Star product range. New product models and new technical developments:

Garden Star LED is a combined effect of grating laser and four strong 3W multi color LEDs.  
GS 80RG LED 014 GS 80RG LED 023

The Garden Star White Star goes even further: It can even do a white starry sky effect:
GS 400RGB W Beam 002 GS 400RGB W Beam 009

More details and videos on

Customer Warning for Poland:

Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. Z o.o., is no official distributor of products manufactured and exclusively distributed by the Laserworld Group, which explicitly covers the brands Laserworld, tarm, SwissLas, RTI (Ray Technologies) and Showeditor.

Music Store Poznań illegally uses brand names, pictures and texts which Laserworld holds copyright for.

Due to the fact that Music Store Sp. Z o.o. does not have the right to use our intellectual property, is blocked from sourcing from Laserworld and does not remove the product listings from their website, even though they have been given the last deadline for this at 23.11.2016, we must assume that this behavior of Music Store Poznań is with fraudulent background.

We warn every customer to buy any Laserworld Products from Music Store Poznań. They are not able to legally deliver you any products!

Polish customers can contact our Polish Office for further information and to find legal sources for Laserworld products (there are many suppliers in Poland)


Ostrzeżenie dla klientów z Polski:

Firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.,, nie jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem produktów marki Laserworld, których producentem i wyłącznym dystrybutorem jest Grupa Laserworld. Obejmuje to w szczególności marki tj. Laserworld, tarm, Swisslas, RTI (Ray Technologies) oraz marki Showeditor.
Sklep Music Store Poznań nielegalnie używa nazwy ww. marek, zdjęć oraz tekstów, do których firma Laserworld posiada pełne prawa autorskie obowiązujące na całym świecie.

Ze względu na fakt braku praw do wykorzystywania naszej własności intelektualnej, firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o), utraciła możliwość zaopatrzenia się w produkty dystrybuowane poprzez Grupę Laserworld jak i również utraciła oficjalną autoryzację do oferowania naszych produktów na swojej stronie internetowej jak i innych portalach internetowych pośredniczących w sprzedaży w imieniu Firmy Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.).

Firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.). otrzymała oficjalny termin usunięcia z oficjalnej oferty wszystkich produktów marki Laserworld do dnia 23.11.2016 roku. Pomimo naszego wezwania, termin ten został zignorowany, w związku z tym, trzeba założyć, że działalność firmy Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.) posiada podłoże oszustwa.

Tym samym ostrzegamy wszystkich klientów przed zakupem produktów marki Laserworld w sklepie Music Store Poznań. Sklep Music Store Poznań nie posiada legalnej możliwości sprzedaży produktów marki Laserworld!

Wszystkich klientów z Polski zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszym oficjalnym biurem Laserworld Polska ( Na oficjalnej stronie umieszczone są oficjalne informacje dot. naszych produktów jak i również informacje na temat sklepów, które posiadają oficjalną autoryzacje na sprzedaż produktów marki Laserworld.


Important customer Information for our German customers:

Wichtige Kundeninformation zu Warmarkt:

Die Firma Vantage GmbH, welche die Webseite "Warmarkt" betreibt, ist KEIN offizieller Händler für Produkte der Laserworld Gruppe.
Weder beliefern wir Warmarkt bzw die Vantage GmbH, noch wird dieses Unternehmen von uns Ware erhalten.
Es kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden, dass betrügerische Absichten bestehen, da auf Aufforderungen unsererseits zur Entfernung der Produkte aus dem Sortiment nicht reagiert wurde. Daher besteht Verdacht auf Betrug oder Betrugsversuch!

Die Vantage GmbH besteht erst seit Kurzen. Die Eintragung im Handelsregister erfolgte am 07.11.2016 (!!!)

Das Registergericht von Hanau, bei dem die Vantage GmbH registriert ist, weist für den 22.11.2016 eine Veränderung des Gesellschaftsvertrags auf.
Der Gegenstand des Unternehmens soll nun sein:
Bewachung, Ordnerdienste, Fahrdienste, Servicekraft, Dienstleistung, Kurierdienste, Transport und Kleintransport, Sanierungsarbeiten, Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Facility Management, Lagerlogistik, Lagermitarbeiter, Onlineverkauf von Elektroartikeln, Unterhaltungsgeräten und Haushaltswaren.

Wir möchten an dieser Stelle nochmals eindringlichst davor warnen Waren, die durch die Laserworld Gruppe hergestellt werden, bei Warmarkt zu bestellen.
Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Rückfragen zu Warmarkt und dem aktuellen Status der rechtlichen Auseinandersetzung an unsere Zentrale!

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