ShowNET 19'' Multi-Sender 4 channel

ShowNET Multi Sender 4 Channel Fl S
Rack mountable 4 channel ShowNET multi sender device for ILDA streaming any ILDA laser control signal to any laser system with ShowNET laser mainboard
  • ILDA streaming sender
  • 4 ShowNET channel
  • Rack mountable
  • 2 HU 19 inch device
  • digitized signal can be distributed via standard network infrastructure
ShowNET Multi Sender 4 Channel Fl S
ShowNET Multi Sender 4 Channel F S
ShowNET Multi Sender 4 Channel Fr S
ShowNET Multi Sender 4 Channel B S
Stand-Alone modeSTAND-ALONE MODE:
The laser operates stand-alone and does not need and control. It plays back the content stored on the laser's mainboard.
ArtNET modeArtNET Control mode
Master-Slave modeMASTER-SLAVE MODE:
One laser sends control commands, the other laser follows these. Works with Stand-Alone modes and Sound-to-Light modes.
ILDA StreamingILDA Streaming
The ShowNET 19'' Multi-Sender 4 channel is a rack mountable device with four integrated ShowNET mainboards with display control. The intended use for this ShowNET Multi-Sender is acting as an ILDA streaming device to laser systems with integrated ShowNET mainboard, so they can easily be controlled over LAN connection with ILDA control signal being fed to the Multi-Switch (and there converted to an Ethernet signal to be transmitted over long distances).

Each of the four channels has an ILDA IN port, for feeding the signal from an external DAC, e.g. an FB3 or a Lasergraph DSP or similar, and an EtherCon port (LAN) for retrieving teh digitized signal from the ShowNET. The LAN signal output from the ShowNET 19'' Multi-Sender 4 channel can then be combined to one network with a normal network switch (see instructions in the Online User Manual about Computer Control).

It is possible to link several ShowNET 19'' Multi-Sender 4 channel with normal network switches and it is also possible to transmit the LAN signal via fiber or V-LAN connections.


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2.5 kg
*Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in our laser systems the optical power of each colour within installed laser module(s) may slightly differ from the specification of respective laser module(s). Divergence FWHM average depending on model.


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