Laserworld Group at prolight and sound 2017 in Frankfurt

prolight+sound 2017 was a very special event this year. Lots of fun, service and power. Laserworld Group has given its all this time around: construction, professional and international consulting, service, provisions, food and cocktails, an outstanding laser show with established and new equipment. In the center of the booth: over three meters high models of well known buildings (Al Bahr Towers, Anaklia Bridge & Yan An Temple), which amazed visitors in the first place. A challenging project could be realized due to a spectacular laser- and video-mapping on the façade of the mentioned models. Lots of fun was guaranteed - especially after the official closing time.


The first impression, that caught the visitors eye while walking by, were the three building models in the back of the bar made according to the real ones. The external structure of the models was traced by laser beams of various high end laser systems: e.g. the Al Bahr tower has an unusual, round pattern, which needed to be accentuated by laser output in detail. Highlighting the bridge, on the one hand, was a challenge in respect of its design, especially the long and thin suspension ropes needed to be projected precisely. The temple in the centre on the other hand, was created and projected as a special highlight at Laserworld's booth: laser beams not only defined the entrance and the windows of the building; moving pictures were also placed on the outer façade using a technique called video-mapping, what this produced was a very special combination of effects on the façade in the end.

More than impressive was the size of our booth this year: visitors had 15 meters of space in order to be professionally advised in over nine different languages. They could inform themselves about our latest laser systems, laser safety training or software offers. A free cocktail, whether alcoholic or not, could have been served immediatly and if you felt hungry during your stay at Laserworld's booth, there were free hot dogs and highbrow appetizers such as Blinis with crème fraiche and smoked salmon or white chocolate and mascarpone tarts, served fresh from our caterer. Certainly, prolight+sound 2017 has been a very successful event for the whole company. Not only the twelve-meter-long cocktail bar was well attended at any time of day, even all of our sales team - 30 in number, flown over from different countries - had customer meetings without breaks. Information on our systems could be demonstrated and exhibited from our brands tarm, RTI and Laserworld: on the one hand, latest systems, such as the tarm DOT but also several RTI NEO ONE, were placed behind the bar in on and around the large models projecting laser beams over visitor's heads. Entry-level systems, like units of the Garden Star Series, as well as other products were placed on white platformes (including an RTI NANO, whose mechanics were visible with a clear housing). Next to our main booth, we managed to get a second, smaller booth used as a showroom for demonstrating various retail units. For every visitor, it was possible to control laser systems through a touchscreen to see different graphics and performances or even to operate a laser system or use software for the first time. This year, there was no "show" on display directly on the booth, as many company's on prolight+sound offer, because the PRG stage at 'Festhalle' was exclusively equipped with show laser systems manufactured by member companies of the Laserworld Group. Futher information about the PRG stage as well as pictures.

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