Fanuc - exhibition and corporate laser show

HB-Laser did two laser shows for Fanuc in  2006 - one exhibition laser show at the Hannover Messe exhibition, the other one at the after party.

At the exhibition site, HB-Laser presented the Fanuc products with a corporate product laser show, displaying the products and solutions of the company in laser animations and graphics. This was done with a fibre-coupled white light LightCube RGB 2W laser with a HB-Laser PinScan 360° laser moving head.

The after party was powered by a special HB-Laser LightCube 10W RGB system (blue and green DPSS, red Diode laser module) equipped with a DualScan option. Two ATLAS fiber-fed satellite projectors were also supplied by the central LightCube laser source.

Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand ShowcontrollerDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherent