Air France Sky Projection in London, England

On January 7th, 2014, visitors at London´s Waterloo station could observe an unidentified flying object. With a closer look it turned out to be a laser light projection of an airplane which was beamed directly onto the sky of London. The purpose: Air France celebrated their 80th anniversairy and decided that traditional advertising just isn´t enough.

With the help of Curb and CMT Events, the airline altered a cab so that it was able to project images of an airplane, the brand´s logo and the twitter hashtag directly onto the clouds. Following laser light system was used:


The RTI Nano AT6 RYCGB 35R projectors are Made in Germany and have a guaranteed output power of 25.000mW up to a total power of 34.500mW. All devices are equipped with OPSL Coherent Taipan Modules and ultra fast CT-6210HP SE Scanners for extreme graphics performance. With these stats and their sealed, waterproof housing they are the perfect application for outdoor events and large scale projects but can be used for indoor projects as well.
Laserworld offers these show laser light projectors in their specials deals and as a rental unit.

Our thanks go to CMT Events for providing this video.

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