STADTKirchweih 2021 in Herrieden, Germany

On September 19th, 2021, a massive multimedia laser show including laser mapping was performed in Herrieden, Germany as part of the "STADTKirchweih 2021".

For the laser spectacle, which was shown open air on Herrieden's market place in front of an excited audience, Emotion Coburg in cooperation with Eventeffects used a total of 11 RTI NANO and PIKO laser systems in the power range of 10 - 35 watts, including RTI NANO RYGB 35 and RTI PIKO RYGB 35 lasers. Some of these laser systems, which already include the second generation of the RSL laser module technology, were recently purchased. They impressed with a terrific performance. In addition to the regular laser show, the Basilica of St. Vitus and St. Deocar was used as surface for the laser mapping. 

Credits go to Emotion Coburg and Eventeffects for kindly providing the images and video footage.



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