In Action: Lasers at Festivals

Lasers are an important part of the utmost light shows at festivals. Lighting designers use them as emotionalizing, emphasizing effect to catch the crowd and add a visual level to the perception of the music. As festivals use larger numbers of lasers, they usually go for DMX control of the laser systems, which is a perfect match for the ShowNET mainboards in all relevant laser systems that allow for professional yet easy control of laser systems via lighting console.

Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

28 Streetparade Zurich 2012
Over 140Watt of laser power have been installed from Laserworld to create an incredible laser show on the Streetparade in Zurich last weekend. Over 950.000 people celebrated this big party in the streets while Laserworlds LJ´s implemented all laser shows live and synchronous to the music on three stages. Multiple power ranges from Laserworld´s PIKO and NANO devices made this experience to...Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

Laserworld at MICS 2011 in Monaco

37 Laserworld At Mics 2011 Monaco
For the first time, Laserworld attended MICS in Monaco from 9th to 11th November 2011. As exclusive laser partner we supplied professional laser systems for the MICS Club as well as for the great outdoor laser show in Monaco Harbour. These systems were used in the MICS-Club: 2 x TARM Beamtable...Laserworld at MICS 2011 in Monaco

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