Laserworld is the first showlaser company to integrate W-DMX in their projectors

Monday, May 02, 2011


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Laserworld proudly announces to be the first company worldwide that seamlessly integrates W-DMXTM transmitters in their high professional Pure Sapphire and Purelight Series laser projectors – already in standard configuration!

W-DMXTM is a very reliable technology of Wireless Solutions, Sweden, that is used by a great number of professionals in the lighting industry. The advantages are clear: You do not need to have long DMX cables running to the stage, but transmit the DMX signal wireless through very stable frequency. Even longer transmission distances are possible!

With the W-DMXTM in the Laserworld projectors the operator can fully access the integrated SD-card memory, that can be custom recorded. As there is also a DMX output at the projectors, the W-DMXTM signal can also be patched to other DMX fixtures or units nearby – a great option to run a whole rig with W-DMXTM by just using the Laserworld laser projector as central signal receiver.


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