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Professional laser systems usually have cooling/heating elements built inside the projector. Although these are meant for keeping the laser modules at operation temperature, the climate inside the laser device needs to be quite balanced.

If you place a laser projector next to a fog machine or next to the air condition outlet (or even to the normal ventilation system) there may be a condensation of water/liquid inside the housing due to the temperature difference. The effect is comparable to the situation if you come from a cold outside into a warm room and your glasses fog up.

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Laserworld is a B2B sales company. We only deal with commercial buyers. Therefore we provide warranty on our products. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details:

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Most probably not. The halo-effect normally occurs when the optics are not properly clean. You need to regularly clean you laser device, especially the optics, to ensure best output quality together with long lifetime of the unit.

Dirt and dust inside the laser enclosure may lead to overheating or mechanical failure, so you need to regularly clean the device.

If you have one of our professional systems, you're lucky: The Sealed Housing units only need very few maintenance, the IP65 or above units are normally service free.

For cleaning the optical components we recommend using a microfibre cloth, probably together with some water.

In some cases there may be the need of window cleaner or similar, but be careful to not damage the coating of the dichroic filters. We do not recommend to use any strong cleaning liquids and also no strong alcohol.

Be careful when cleaning the optics to not break the scanners or dichros! Only small scratches have tremendous influence on the laser light parametres, so remember to not use any rough materials for cleaning.

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