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The Güller AG (SwissLas) is a Swiss based company with headquarters next to Zurich and a very close partner of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG for many years now and is an exclusively contracted partner. Thus, it is a member of the Laserworld Group.

At the beginning of the cooperation, SwissLas manufactured high precision laser diode array modules for the higher powered projectors of Laserworld. The experience in high precision manufacturing of opto-electronic components helped to continuously drive improvements. The accurate milling of aluminium blanks to durable and stable mounts for the laser diodes, optics and electronics made SwissLas a known company in show laser industry.

With the success of Laserworld and its products, SwissLas grew more and more and took over more responsibility in Laserworld's supply chain:
Since end of 2011 SwissLas manufactures several product lines. At the moment following product series can be purchased at Laserworld:

Pure Micro Series

This ultra-compact product made in Switzerland Series is designed for minimized size at strong output power: Not much larger than the palm of a hand, it is provided with a typical output power of up to 11W RGB, up to 8.5W green and up to 8W blue. These show lasers use the super bright 638nm red for great visibility.
Even CT-6210HP scanners can be integrated. Several models with special low divergence modules are available.
Pure Micro units are ideal for locations where the design of the room is so important that electronic items must be very small so they don't disturb the general style of the venue.

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Purelight Series

Beam shaping technology with diode modules and faster scanners as standard make the Purelight Series different from the Pure Sapphire Series - and much more powerful in visibility. Although the nominal power is less than the corresponding unit of the Pure Sapphire Series, SwissLas plays the capabilities of great beam shaping technology with the Purelight Series: Through the more precise beam visibility is increased and thus less power is necessary. The precise beams make these units great solutions for graphics applications as well.

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