The First Live Fair Talk

The first Live Fair Talk was a smashing success for moderator Norbert Stangl from Laserworld. In addition to the goal of exchanging information from various places in event technology, there was also a focus on networking bringing together specialists from the event industry.

The live talk show was streamed parallel on Facebook and YouTube, making it possible for viewers to contribute interactive comments and messages. The technical realization was very interesting because both channels were set up on one streaming server. According to Norbert Stangl, "We consciously chose both channels so that we could reach a wider audience. The YouTube stream had a higher visual quality, but the Facebook stream offers a higher rate of interaction."

The participants

In order to offer a wide range of topics, talk show guests from various shareholders found their way to the couch in Hall 5.0. Norbert Stangl and Jan Scholten moderated the Live Talk from stage223. Michael Biwer participated in the conversation as an official representative of Prolight + Sound. Additional participants were the YouTuber Johnathan Lewis (also well-known as DJ Tutor), Jan Eiserloh from Laserfabrik, Michael Giegerich from Bright! as well as Nico Deutschland from stage223.

The streams were divided into two blocks: first there were topics discussed in German, and after about half the time, there was a switch to English to accommodate international visitors. The one-and-a-half hour of talk dealt with topics including technical improvements of the products on display as well as the continued development of the trade fair. The talk was loosened up by the questions from the audience on social media.


Even if Norbert Stangl expressed a very positive assessment, he is already considering how the Live Fair Talk can be optimized: "in general, I really thought it went well and we had a certain flow. After a while, we will analyze the conversation and draw conclusions from our insights for the coming year. For example, the German and English streams could be divided or the guests distributed in some other way."

Re-watch the live stream here:

Original article:

The Hunna are one of the UK bands hotly tipped for great things in 2018 – a young stylish looking foot-tapping mix of indie rock, compelling lyrics and great tunes – with their forthcoming album ‘Dare’ due for release at the end of May.

Lighting designer Tom Campbell of design practice MIRRAD created a cool and dynamic looking visual show for their recent UK tour, for which London based Colour Sound Experiment supplied lighting, rigging and lasers.

He was keen to use lasers in a fresh and invigorating way and specified RTI NEO SIX fixtures, a laser light beam array with 6 single whitelight / RGB diodes, zoom and strobe on each individual diode and pan / tilt functionality.

In this case, as they were in such close proximity to the band, to avoid any accidental audience scanning, the tilt parameter was disabled.

To make this happen, Colour Sound had to compile and complete copious amounts of H & S paperwork, and all the artists had to be thoroughly briefed on the safe zones and where to stand, but the striking end-results definitely justified all the effort!


The Hunna Lindsey Cave web
Photo: Lindsay Cave @loosplat


Eighteen NEO SIXs were distributed between six vertical sections of HUD low profile truss stood on the floor – two downstage, two upstage and two mid-stage, each with three NEO SIXs.

The NEO SIX units were staggered in height by 2 inches, so with stage left and right units combined, the beams criss-crossed one diode apart, making 36 beams per pair of trusses with narrower gaps. With a total of 108 laser beams – and LOADS of atmosphere from MDG low foggers and hazers - this worked highly effectively, bringing a new take on creative lasering.

The band were fully aware of how they could / couldn’t move during the laser numbers as Tom aimed to dramatically change the shape of the stage and create “abstract worlds” in which they could play” and penetrate the ‘cage’ with hands or guitars.

Tom had originally used the NEO SIXs on Bullet for My Valentine at the end of 2016 but in a more standard way. He was impressed with the performance and awaited an opportunity to use them in a more imaginative context.

Custom wooden cladding panels were created by Colour Sound and fitted to the back of the HUD truss as an additional safety feature to stop the laser beams spilling into the stage wings.

Additional NEO SIX’s supplied by AC Lasers for their Brixton Academy shows.


Find more information on Colour Sound Experiment:

Find more information on AC Lasers:

LSi magazine introduced in their April issue the Purelight Series. Norbert Stangl, CMO of Laserworld, explains in an interview the advantages of the new laser systems.

>> Click here to read the article

Source: LSi Light&Sound international, April 2017, p. 69.
The brand new Laserworld Showeditor software was introduced to the readers of the VPLT magazine dezember issue 2015 (No. 76).

>>Click here to read the article (only available in German)

Source: VPLT Magazin No.76 Dez 2015
A State of Trance is a huge electro event by Armin van Buuren, a dutch DJ. 2015 sixteen showlasers of Ray Technologies were used for lighting effects:
2 x RTI NANO RGB 30, 6 x RTI NANO RGB 18, 6 x RTI FEMTO RGB 7 and 2 x RTI PIKO RGB 14.
The show was controlled via Lasergraph DSP in combination with GrandMA2.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in German)

Source: Event Rookie - #5 2015
This year HB-Laser did a great installation in a flowstone cave in Ledenika, Bulgaria. With advanced multimedia technology like Video, Laser, Sound, LED lighting, fog and as well water screens, HB-Laser implemented a huge set up to add an additional attraction and explanatory media to the cave. The European Union supported this project with subsidies, and HB-Laser was chosen as project partner for the implementation, together with their local partner Factor in Sofia, Bulgaria.

>>Click here to read the article (only available in German)

Source: VPLT Magazin No.76 Dez 2015

A new club for luxury nightlife, the Omnia, just opened in Las Vegas. Since May 2015, party-people can visit the 75'000 sq ft at Ceasars Palace.
On the main floor 4 x SwissLas Pure Micro 8200RGBlaser light systems from Laserworld are used for lighting effects.

>>Click here to read the article

Source: Mondo DR 25.4 - May / June 2015

At the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt 2015 Laserworld supported the PRG Live Entertainment Award (PRG LEA) with 22 show lasers from Ray Technologies.

The LEA is awarded to managers, promoters and agencys of the entertainment industry.
With a laser power of more than 300W the show was a great success. The laser show was designed and operated by our partner Laserfabrik.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in German)

Source: VPLT Nr.74 - June 2015

The night club 'Nest of Angles', also known as Club NOA, in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, was closed for renovation and reopened its doors now. The colorful in-club has a capacity of up to 1,500 guests and got brand-new sound and lighting equipment. The management relies in Swiss Quality and therefore 6 SwissLas Pure Micro PM-1200RGB show laser systems were integrated.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in English)

Source: Mondo DR 25.3 - March / April 2015
Ai'Neng International is one of the largest nightclubs in Nanjing, China. Two RTI PIKO laser systems are used for lighting effects. They are controlled via phoenix lasershow control software.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in English)

Source: Mondo DR - July / August 2015
ISE Daily, the official newspaper of Integrated Systems Europe, presents the newly released RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser system. This laser projector is equipped with laser diodes and green OPSL modules with a "10-10-10" setup: the three color sources come with nearly equal power of >10W/638nm, >10W/530nm and >10.4W/450nm. Additionally the RTI PIKO RGB 11 Pure Diode show laser is presented in the article.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in English)

Source: ISE Daily 2015 Day 3 - Thursday 12 February
The official newspaper of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE Daily) presents a submersible show laser light of HB-Laser, the HB-Laser LC-851. The device is waterproof to IP68 standard and can therefore be used for any outdoor application. Additionally the newly released Pure Micro PM-8200RGB and its features are mentioned in the article.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in English)

Source: ISE Daily 2015 Day 1 - Tuesday 10 February
In their first issue 2015 Lighting Audio Visual Asia (LAVA) presented the RTI NANO RGB 30. Headline was the all-new 10-10-10 setup:
All three colours share a nearly equal power distribution. This guarantees an awesome white balance.
(>10W/638nm, >10W/530nm, >10.4/450nm)

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in english)

Source: Lighting Audio Visual Asia 01/2015
Ocotber 2014, a new discotheque opened in Meppen, Germany: theupdate. In their laser issue of 2014 the disco magazin wrote about the opening.
Five Laserworld laser lights are used in the club. Three Pure Micro RGB with 4.2 Watt each and two laser lights of the Club Series with 2.4 Watt each.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in german)

Source: disco-magazin, issue 11/12 2014

The Laserworld Diode Series was part of eventundco December 2014 issue. The german event magazin wrote about the high deman of the series on the market.
The Diode Series is a diode only laser light system for semi-professional users. Good prices and high flexibility.

>>Click here to read the article

(only available in german)

Source: eventundco magazine, issue 04/2014
DRAI'S is a spectacular huge and modern nightclub in Las Vegas, providing a 65,000 square feet and capacity for 4,500 guests. Furthermore the main room offers 14, premier dance floor tables, 8 upper dance floor tables, 2 VIP balconies, etc. The club features over 4,000 square feet of high definition LEDs and 4 RGB high power laser systems of Laserworld with 12W each. The Mondo*dr magazine and the PLSN magazine published an article about the nightclub.

>>Click here to read the article of Mondo*dr

Source: Mondo*dr Magazine, issue 11.2014

>>Click here to read the article of PLSN

Source: PLSN Magazine, issue November 2014

(Both articles only available in english)
Mid of 2014 HB-Laser, the German show laser manufacturer and producer of multimedia laser shows, merged with Laserworld and is now a member of the constantly growing Laserworld Group. The LAVA magzine, the professional Asian journal for lighting, audio and visual, published an article about this merger. Furthermore the magzine introduces two new staff members of Laserworld.
>>Click here to read the articles

(only available in English)

Source: LAVA Magazine, issue 10.2014
The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a three-day music festival of superlatives which takes place every year end of June. This year more than 300,000 visitors were at the EDC. The organisers relied on quality products of Laserworld. Thus 30 high power show lasers of Laserworld were used at the gigantic main stage. The professional journal 'eventundco' has published an article about this mega event.
>>Click here to read the article

(only available in German)

Source: eventundco, issue 02.2014
In its January / February edition the Mondo Dr magazine published an short article about Laserworld's  great laser show in the Olympic Stadium of Beijing.
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(only available in English)

Source: Mondo Dr January / February isseu 2014
In its January / February edition the Mondo Dr magazine published an short article about the Kasta Lounge in Luanda, Angola. This Club uses four Laserworld CS-2000RGB and one PM-2800RGB laser.
>> Click here to read the article

(only available in English)

Source: Mondo Dr January / February isseu 2014

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